About Me

There is a deep longing of every TRIP I do.

Being in a normal life, very boring, feeling alive and trapped in the same life cycle, leaving for work, coming home from work, lunching in the same place, the same environment, making me want to feel a little more freedom, ease, and joy.

A piece of the story about life in the sunshine that always hit the skin in every trip.

Gentle moonlight accompanied me every night, without having to worry about getting up late and late to work.

an uncertain feeling about what will happen tomorrow in a new place that has never been visited.
The spirit for life and activity is always different every day.

As there is no end and there is no way to go back

A piece of my life story during the travel journey of the readiness of a place I have met before, make the whole life story of the world in my grasp.

And his sense is very selfish and stingy if not distributed to everyone.

what else for you the same as me, a person who wants to freely navigate the world unconditionally by an eternal, dull routine.

telling of new places and cultures, in a new world.

telling friendship from traveling companions and local residents,

tell about the beauty and the natural charm of God's creation is truly amazing

telling the soul that flies freely across the ark of life in this world

while grateful that nothing is impossible for God

Be grateful for the favors given to us.

I am Zoran Walid Netizen who wants to share the story of my journey across the world.

It's me... and my trip is me...

About me