The World's Best Budget Airlines with The Lowest Delayed Flight Rate

The World's Best Budget Airlines with The Lowest Delayed Flight Rate

Traveling the world does not have to be expensive provided you are prepared to provide a certain comfort.

Most of the time this means that passengers have to pay extra for luggage, as well as food and drinks onboard.

The main operators have realized that the most important factor in booking a flight is its price.

The number of cheap airlines has grown and they are not chasing each other's trade, causing disruption in the industry but many affordable options for customers.

A reasonable airline business has grown rapidly, gifts and honors are now given every year.

The following list is based on the 2016 World Airline Awards.

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The Medal for the Best Low Cost Airline in the World represents the global rankings achieved by all low-cost carriers.

As a difference in quality, rewards are based on customer satisfaction assessments of product service standards and staff supplied by airlines in both cabin and airport environments.

AirAsia was named the Best Low-Cost Airline in the World for the eighth year, with Norway enjoying double successes selected as Best Best Haul Low Airline in the World and Best Low-Cost Airlines in Europe.

The World’s Best Budget Airlines


Malaysia's low-cost carriers headquartered near Kuala Lumpur fly to over 100 destinations in Asia with many frequencies in a day.

AirAsia is also the largest budget airline on the continent with the number of passengers flying and the jet fleet.

They were named the best low-cost airlines in the world for the eighth year in a row.

Virgin America

Virgin America headquarters is in Burlingame, California.

The airline began operations in 2007.

People love the company for offering cheap rates, comfortable seating, and cabin service, according to reviews.

The airline is ranked 1st in Best Low-Cost Airlines in North America, and the third in the Premium and Premium Premium Seat Premium category.


It is Europe's third largest low fare airline and the second largest airline in Scandinavia.

They fly to more than 100 destinations around the world. The airline has flights to 75 places departing from New York alone.

Norwegian is the world's best "Long Haul" low-cost airline, second in the cabin and premium seat category, and the best budget carrier on the Old Continent.


The low-cost British airline based in London Luton Airport flies 820 routes in 32 countries with a total of 134 destinations.

Two of their popular logos are "This is Generation easyJet" and "the favorite airline of the web."

The airline is ranked second best in Europe. People prefer operators to professional staff, many cheaper options, and much better services compared to 3-4 years ago.

Jetstar Airways

Melbourne's low-cost airline headquartered in Melbourne flies to 39 destinations, up from 35 two years ago.

"For the price of their flight miles ahead of Air New Zealand," a passenger writes on

You can carry one carry-on bag for free up to 7kg. The reviewers also praised the seated comfort and staff service.

AirAsia X

This is a long-haul flight, a foster brother of AirAsia. It is rated Premium Cabin and Best Low-Cost Premium Chairs, Number 2 in Asia and Australia / Pacific, and all sixth in the world.

The airline currently serves 19 destinations across Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. AirAsia X operates a 29 A330-300 core fleet.

The airline has brought more than 15 million passengers since it started its long-distance service in 2007.


Canadian low fares are ranked 7th in the world and number 2 in North America.

It flies to about 90 destinations in Canada, U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean.

"WestJet has definitely upgraded their game and quickly climbed the ladder to become one of the Big Boys," a recent review of TripAdvisor said.

The company has a custom paint aircraft featuring Mickey Mouse as a Mickey and Frozen-themed aircraft.


The low-cost carrier headquartered in Gurgaon, India, is the largest airline in the country in terms of passengers.

The company has a market share of nearly 40 percent. IndiGo also ranks third best budget operators in Asia and No. 1 in the Central Asia / India region.

Customers provide high greeting for seated convenience, value for money, and in-flight services.

Jetstar Asia

The Singapore airline, established in 2004, is the Asian branch of Jetstar Airways' parent company, the low-cost carrier of the Qantas Australia airline.

The company's main strength, according to, is a low-cost, no-frills airline at competitive rates.

It has an armada size of 18 and flies to 27 destinations.

Azul Airlines

Brazil's low-cost carrier logo is "You Up There."

"I took 4 flights with Azul while in Brazil and I have great service.

The stewardess is very great and caring, "wrote someone at

This is similar to the most read reviews. People ranked Azul high for overall excellent experience and very polite and helpful staff.

They are the No.1 budget carrier in South America.


"Scoot to your next holiday."

This logo seems to work well for Singapore's low-powered long-haul airlines, launched in 2012. The aircraft mostly flies to Australia and China.

Customers love professional services, value for money and comfortable seating.

Passengers are allowed to take £ 33. luggage cabin on board. It can be made up of two parts.


Kulula was ranked first in the Best Low-Cost Airlines category in the Africa category.

South Africa's no-frills airline operates on major domestic route routes outside Johannesburg.

The airline also flies to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, and Mauritius.

Kulula Airlines is well-liked for attractive fares and reliability.


South African low fares are ranked second in Africa.

They have operated with the best timely performance in South Africa over the past six years and continue to have the lowest cost base in the country.

People love them for the comfort of sitting, leg room, value for money and customer service.


Fastjet is ranked the 3rd best cheap airline in Africa.

It serves East and South Africa, flying to 11 airports in six countries.

The airline is on its way to becoming the first pan-continental airline in Africa. Since its launch in 2012, they have flown nearly 2,250,000 passengers with customers who get fares starting at $ 20 one-way.

Customers like them for the comfort and reliability of the seats.


The German low-cost carrier headquartered in Düsseldorf is the third-best Low-Cost Airlines in Europe.

They fly to over 130 destinations in Europe and selected tourist hotspots around the world, including in Mexico, Morocco, the U.S., Thailand and the Dominican Republic.

"Pleased to use it again as a good price if booked first," a recent review of TripAdvisor says.

Most people prefer a carrier for the best value for money.


The German low-cost airline headquartered in Düsseldorf is the third best low-cost carrier in Europe.

They fly to over 130 destinations in Europe and selected tourist hotspots around the world, including in Mexico, Morocco, the U.S., Thailand and the Dominican Republic.

"Pleased to use it again as a good price if booked first," a recent review of TripAdvisor.

Most people prefer the best value carrier for money.

Air Arabia

It is the second-best budget airline in the Middle East and the largest low-cost carrier in the region.

Its head office is located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

The airline flies to 101 destinations spread across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe.

Customers praise Air Arabia for good service on board, comfortable seating and adequate leg room (32 inches).

Jazeera Airways

Kuwait Airlines is ranked 3rd in the Middle East. The airline currently serves 19 destinations across the region and operates a modern fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft all equipped with their distinctive seating and a two-class cabin.

Jazeera Airways Economy Class facility includes 40 pounds with free luggage allowance for each passenger and free onboard food selection.

Southwest Airlines

The world's largest budget carrier, headquartered in Dallas, is ranked third in the Best Low-Cost Airlines third in North America.

The Southwest Airlines line is 32-33 inches on long-haul economic flights with Boeing 737-800.

It consistently offers 32-inch sitting fields. People also like them for their professional staff and the best value for their money.


This is a regional low-cost carrier operating in Colombia. It is ranked 2nd in South America.

The main focus is to fly to places that other operators rarely do.

"Easyfly ground staff [...] quite helpful and professional.

The flight is smooth and timely.

No complaints at all, "one review of said.


The Brazilian cheap airline is ranked third best in South America.

They focus on making customers amused during the flight because they offer free videos and music.

The airline flies to about 60 cities in South America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. Goals. get the highest value for the money value of passengers.


Low-cost carrier India is the fourth largest airline in the country with the number of passengers.

It ranks second best in Central Asia / India after IndiGo and the eight best across Asia. They fly to 52 destinations.


The Mumbai-based low-cost carrier is ranked third in Best Low-Cost Airlines in Central Asia / India.

The airline currently operates more than 140 flights daily and about 975 weekly flights in 22 destinations.

People say in reviews that they will continue to fly with them because of the good staff and the best value for their money.


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