Trips to The Other Side : Famous Haunted Landmarks in America

Trips to The Other Side : Famous Haunted Landmarks in America

Time to travel to the other side.

From a hotel so horrifying, et even gave Stephen King the creeps, to a southern plantation where we dare you to stay the night. And step inside a house so haunted even a psychic medium couldn't handle the horror plus a ghostly sanatorium a very creepy cemetery and even a haunted theater.

Don't believe in ghosts? You will.

You're about to visit the most terrifying places in America.

First stop Estes Park Colorado.

Deep in the Rocky Mountains some 70  miles from Denver stands a 138 room Georgian style structure The Stanley Hotel.

Isolated from the outside world, this is known as one of the most haunted hotels in the country, so packed with poltergeists that it was the inspiration for one of the most bone-chilling books of all time. 

Billy Ward (Concierge): "The Stanley Hotel is known to be one of the most haunted hotels in the country there are hundreds of spirits in the hotel"

Kim Ramacher (Cole Manager): "I've seen things I thought things and I am a believer" 

We're probably best known as being where Stephen King got the idea for the book The Shining.

How scary does a hotel have to be to give Stephen King goosebumps, very very scary. It doesn't help that this place is a massive labyrinth of hallways and spiral staircases, the haunted landmark was built at the turn of the century by fo Stan Lee inventor of the Stanley Steamer automobile.

The Stanley Hotel was built in 1909, this was one of the first all-electric hotels west of the Mississippi. There's been many famous guests that have stayed at the Stanley Hotel; Teddy Roosevelt stayed here, The Unsinkable Molly Brown was here, Emperor of Japan stayed here.

Everyone wanted to stay at the Stanley, but it wasn't until 1973 that a chance visit made the hotel a mecca for ghost hunters everywhere.

Stephen King he's looking for an idea for his third book nothing's coming to him, so a friend suggests he and his wife get out of town for the weekend. They leave Boulder they start driving west into the mountains and he sees the Stanley.

Now this place in 1973 was very dilapidated it looked a little spooky in fact, well that's right up Stephen King's alley. He decides to come up here see if he can spend the night in the hotel.

Stephen King's here the last day it's open, everybody's leaving Stephen King left it kind of wander around by himself, he started roaming around the halls, he couldn't find his room, he got lost in the hallways, this is where the idea hits him for the book "The Shining".

But the Stanley Hotel was haunted long before the master of horror booked a room. As we're coming across here in fact this place is so crowded with restless spirits that the concierge gives daily Ghost Tours and guests trade personal ghost stories every morning over breakfast.

There's definitely some kind of energy or something going around that's not you know other people.

The ground floor it's frequented by the spirits of FO Stanley himself and his wife flora call it micromanaging from beyond the grave.

Tefo Stanley is believed to be back still watching over things at the hotel he likes hanging out in the front lobby in particular around the front desk.

Flora Stanley is also believed to be haunting the hotel she was a very accomplished piano player, 
she passed away in 1939 she had a stroke right in the middle of the lobby of the hotel, almost immediately after her passing she began playing the piano that's one of the oldest stories in the hotel.

One of the most haunted areas in the entire hotel has got to be the fourth floor hallway in a real life scene of horror that's recreated in the pages of The Shining guests often tear the spectral voices of children at play.

On the 4th floor people will hear the children running up and down and playing in the hallways, usually it's between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning 4 o'clock in the morning there's no kids up there. 

But some of the Stanley's ghosts aren't so playful as one employee discovered in the hotel's haunted tunnel, a 100 yard long subterranean corridor hidden under the main building.

"Yunos on my way back to my office and was going to go through the employee passageway as I opened the door it was as if something was about to hit me in the face. I and there was nothing there. I had goosebumps chills my hair on the back of my neck was just, and I really never did believe some of the things that they've said about working here until that happened." (Joey Hodges - Accountant)

But he's just one of the many employees to have a paranormal encounter at the hotel, the cafe manager was truly frightened out of her wits by the Stanley's resident spirits.

"I come in really early in the morning probably one of the first people that come into the hotel, I came in this one morning, well I continued walking through the hall and often I got this far into the hall, and I felt a push like on my shoulder and I thought oh it settled me cuz I get know it, what I split all the way down the hall right at the end". (Café's Manager)

"They're all having really fast - when I heard her yell my name I took off in a flat-out run and here she was right by the corner just laying there. We don't know what was there was nobody else in the hotel, we looked there was nobody else here but us."(Bob, employee)

"Bob help me up to the office I was shaking I had red marks on my hand a little bit of blood on my hand it's jus I open the door advise against you hear me scream think they did hear somebody scream very very loud. But then they heard laughter very very loud."(Café's Manager)

The Stanley Hotel now accepting reservations.

Our coast-to-coast ghost hunt continues  to the town of Mansfield Ohio.

80 miles from Cleveland down highway 71 there looms a most haunting edifice; Mansfiel reformatory

Outside it bears an eerie resemblance to a Transylvanian castle, inside this abandoned jail is a horror show of cramped cells peeling paint and rusted bars.

It's considered the most haunted prison in the country, where a life sentence goes on into the afterlife.

After closing in 1990 Mansfield was open to visitors, hundreds of ghost hunters willingly enter these cells every year to get scared straight and they aren't disappointed.

Founded a century ago Mansfield was a repository for some of America's most hardened criminals and plenty of them. Some 150,000 were imprisoned here over the years overcrowding and dungeon-like facilities made Mansfield one of the most dreaded places to do time.

The population of the prison at any given time usually varied between 2,500 and 3,200, the particular cellblock are in right now, it's been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest freestanding cellblock in the world it's six tiers high there are 50 cells down each side they're back-to-back so there were 1200 people in this room roughly the length of a football field.

And during the summertime I'm told that the cells on the top level would become unbearably hot likewise in the winter time it wasn't uncommon for ice to skim over and the fixtures on the first floor.

This building was closed because of certain lawsuits against it as being a cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners so consequently that probably has something to do with the skirts that are left behind

More like a torture chamber than a penitentiary it's no wonder the poor souls who perished at Mansfield are back for revenge and that's a lot of lost souls.

More than 150 prisoners died within these walls. There's all different types of stories about deaths in that 20s there was attempt at an escape and a prison guard was shot and died also talks of several suicides of prisoners and one of those took place in solitary confinement.

One of the tragic tales is from the 50s a Warden who lived here with his family the Wardens wife was addressing for church on one Sunday.

In her room a firearm had been stored up on a closet shelf it fell out and discharged accidentally and struck her in the air of the heart and she died in the local hospital.

Many claim to have a rapport with Helen yeah they say she's still here in the building.

Visit Mansfield and you may be greeted by the spirit of the wardens wife as she wanders the hall of the administrative building where she lived and maybe Helen will introduce you to some of her phantom friends.

Ghost experts know Mansfield is a hotbed of supernatural phenomena:
I just felt like there was a man standing or like staring that way he's right that yeah.

We went down in the basement and in the dark someone sets off a flash and in a corner of the basement in the rumor and I see the figure of a young boy leaning into the corner and I didn't say a word to anybody one person next to me had a flashlight and I said shine your flashlight over there in that corner an of course there's nothing there person on the other side of me says oh did you see him to.

It is definitely more overwhelming than what I ever imagined

This is the most fun a place that I've ever been local lore refers to this place is Dracula's castle
at certain times everybody hears voices when you're in here alone

I'm shaking so bad something was here I don't know what it was but there is definitely a presence here

Another chilly night in Mansfield the scariest slammer on earth come visit if you dare.

Our terrifying tour continues on to Louisville Kentucky.

What is it that makes hospitals so creepy the long hallways, the lingering presence of disease and death, or could it be the morgue, but of all the inhospitable hospitals in America, one is the most terrifying the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Waverly Hills opened in 1926 as a tuberculosis Hospital at the turn of the 20th century Louisville was the epicenter of a nationwide TB outbreak, with the highest death rate in the country, which made Waverly Hills less like a hospital and more like the end of the line.

When early was built because of the white plague tuberculosis and if you were found to have TV you had like 24 hours to come here they came and got you and though.

Waverly Hills was known as the most advanced TB hospital in the country the treatments were primitive at best and at worst they were downright grisly.

While the treatment was very painful they would put sandbags on their chests, try to compress their lungs, they would remove ribs, remove lungs just all sorts of things just trying their best just to see what they could do and what would work.

Tuberculosis sometimes it affected the brain so that's why they used electroshock therapy.

Gruesome surgeries electric shock, if the TB didn't kill them the treatment often did and they were dying here in shocking numbers ,by the time Waverly closed in 1962 it's estimated that more than 6,000 people perished within these walls.

In 2001 Tina Mattingly bought the building restored it and opened it to thrill seekers, and they're getting way more thrills and chills than they ever expected.

If it's the undead you're looking for the obvious place to start is The Morgue.

The Morgue is very large, it's a whole wing on the first floor of the building, it had holding rooms you know for them bodies that were going out and had coolers and had an autopsy room, you know that was the blast hallway the bodies went down.

And it's The Morgue where Tina herself had a chilling first-hand encounter: 
"I have seen a full-body apparition on in the morgue one day I  came in I had workers up here in the  building was standing you know talking to one the morgue hallway was behind him..,and as I was saying her talking to him a man walked up behind look me straight in the eyes and turn to walk in the hallway, real quick I said who was that did you  bring somebody to work with you here today he goes well no so what somebody's in here."
"I looked everywhere there was no body in there" 

Think The Morgue is mortifying you'd have to be crazy to step foot on the legendary fifth floor the old ward for the mentally disturbed.

Room 502 is probably the room that most people hear about there was a nurse that they found here that was hanging up in front of room 502.

She supposedly had contracted TB and she was expecting and, she wasn't married, plus being sick and no cure so I guess she just didn't see any other way out.

But without a doubt the most terrifying part of Waverly Hills has got to be the big dark tunnel with a very disturbing and as they don't call it the body chute or nothing.

We are in the body chute there's actually under Graham the doctor here at Waverly Hills decided it would be a good thing to use to take the bodies down because they didn't want the patients the people were still living to see all the bodies.

That's Waverly Hills, The Hospital where the patients become poltergeists.

Our road trip to horror just gets scarier when we roll into St. Francisville Louisiana.
The Antebellum South conjures up a lot of things history tours charming Gardens Spanish moss and mint juleps but Gone with the Wind this isn't.

Just 30 miles from Baton Rouge you'll find The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville. Don't let the picturesque setting fool you, this is known as the most haunted bed-and-breakfast in the country.

Check in but don't expect to make it through the night.

Some witness said:
"Reynolds foundation is definitely the scariest place I've ever been"
"I've seen people actually running back to their cars there are several, several people who don't make it through the night at least at least once every two or three weeks"

"I'm a little scared that I'm trying to be brave because we're staying here tonight"
"The Myrtles is known to be America's most haunted house here I've so many guests tell us stories of things that I see are people that they even talk to that should not be here" 

The Myrtles was built in 1796 by General David Bradford leader of the infamous whiskey rebellion. After his death, it was home to the generals daughter and her husband Judge Clark Woodruff, and that's when The Myrtles killing spree began.

As the story goes Judge Woodruff took as his mistress, a young slave named Chloe.

She was caught eavesdropping on some of the family's business, as punishment judge Woodruff cut off her left ear.

In revenge Chloe served the family a poisoned cake, all she wanted to do was make them ill, but instead she killed the judge's wife and two of their children.

After Chloe confessed to the poisoning she was hung and to this day the ghosts of the murdered Woodruff Family and Chloe herself are said to roam these unholy grounds.

Rocking chairs on the verandah rock on their own, there are handprints on the mirror that refused to be wiped away.

A piano plays softly, but when guests look for the pianist, no one is there.
"I worked here for over 20-some years, before I worked here, no.., I did not believe in ghost, but after working here, yes I'm convinced that there are ghosts". (Hester Eby - Tour Director)

"About six months after I've started that was right there by the register now the quarter-mile sees champagne flutes shoot off the rack with so much force that it broke off of the mirror. I tried to recreate it you know Venus kept the guy and I wasn't able to" (Bartender)

A haunted happy hour terrifying but there's nothing creepier than ghost children.

"I have been tugged on before, always in the same place and from having children and grandchildren, it's that tide pool you could even feel the little fingers and I experienced that more than once." (Hester Eby - Tour Director)

You may even meet The Infamous Chloe herself when you least expect it.
"As far as people seeing Chloe, she can show up at any time, it's not like I want to see a certain person she's just there and she's very often seen on the front of the house" 

"The little breezeway where it separates the two buildings we have photographs where she's been seen there in fact the president, I want to take a shot and we believe it's Chloe because of the turbine in the way she's dressed" (Hester Eby - Tour Director).
Believe it or not there are countless people brave enough to visit the myrtles for a tour of the ghostly grounds

A few Hardy Souls even stay the night.

This very evening Joy and Matthew have decided to put the most haunted B&B in America to the test.

"Chloe was hung from the chandelier in the room above this one weighed, it down with bricks and tossed into the Mississippi River"

"The room Joy and Matthew staying is the most active room inside the house"

Now it's time for beddy-bye good night, sleep tight hope you make it through the night.

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