Trips to The Magical Phenomenon of Aurora Borealis

Trips to The Magical Phenomenon of Aurora Borealis

Watching the Aurora Borealis, a spectacular natural phenomenon that attended the majestic North Lights on the summit, was a wonderful experience.

Seeing this magical phenomenon has become a subscription and is in the top list of world tourists to visit.

Of course this is not without reason, witnessing this amazing natural phenomenon is fascinating, while applying the sky to light with a bright green, blue and purple.

November to March is the most appropriate time, because this month the appearance of natural phenomena is the most common.

However, where is the most appropriate and appropriate location to witness this natural phenomenon? follow TiM - Trips is Me ...


The wild and remote state of Alaska, especially its northern region, is probably the best spot to see Northern Lights - the commonly known Aurora Borealis.

Although many doubt to be able to see this phenomenon, but we make sure that if you are lucky, you can watch the colorful dancing ribbons that dance in front of your eyes, presenting the best natural phenomenon scene ever in your life.

Fairbanks is a highly recommended location, where the University of Fairbanks even gives an approximate and timely time to watch the Aurora Borealis natural phenomenon.


The main purpose of world travelers to witness this mystical natural phenomenon is swedish.

Aurora air station located in abisko sweden national park is one of the reliable places in the world to observe the northern light with all their charming purity.

Which is due to the fact that Abisko does have a microclimate that provides optimal conditions for the aurora borealis to develop.

Located on The Mountain Nuolija, the sky aurora station is 900 meters above sea level and away from light and sound pollution.

If you have not been lucky enough to witness this mystical natural phenomenon, we make sure that on a clear night you can observe the sky filled with unconstrained stars without any hindrance, it's a breathtaking sight.


Aurora Borealis, this famous mystical phenomenon can also be seen in Iceland, especially the capital of Reykjavik which is one of the easiest locations to access.

Out of the capital there is the Thingvellir National Park, a Unesco world heritage site, which allows you to get out of the light of urban light and of course hopefully you can see the Northern Light spaceship setting in a snowy desert setting.

But again, of course, this natural phenomenon is totally unpredictable and there is no guarantee you will see it, but do not be afraid because Iceland has many interesting alternative activities on offer such as the world famous geothermal spa - The Blue Lagoon.


The vast landscape of Greenland has unrivaled beauty.

A visit to the autonomous Danish region during the winter months gives you the best opportunity to see the extraordinary Polar Lamps.

There are many points of fire Aurora Borealis, especially Scoresby Sund in East Greenland, which happens to be home to the largest fjord system in the world.

Often a frightening but stunning light can be seen reflecting the surface of the fjord, making this natural light phenomenon even more breath-taking and magical.

With countless sky days each year in Greenland, it is likely to benefit you for a spectacular sighting.


Finland is another Nordic country famous for its Aurora Borealis sighting potential.

Estimated in Lapland, this spectacular light show looks an average of 200 days a year - provided you have a clear dark sky and a bit of luck on your side! Keep in mind that further north you are traveling, chances are your chance to see the Northern Lights.

So cities like Rovaniemi, Utsjoki, and Sodankylä are definitely on your list.

Finland now offers many igloo luxury accommodation packages, where you can actually sleep under the stars, watching the most extraordinary natural light display on earth.


Provided there is a right condition, it is very likely you will see Northern Lights in Canada.

There are many optimal locations ranging from Northern Canada region such as Yukon to the easternmost regions of Canada such as Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Part of the reason why Canada is ranked so high is because of its important Aurora Borealis sighting location because of its proximity to the North Magnetic Pole as well as its geomagnetic latitude of 68 °.

These factors mean the Auroral Oval is often seen above Canadian territory.


Norway, always symbolized by the mystical and captivating Aurora Borealis, which often features the Norwegian cultural heritage.

The Northern Lights were once believed to be the souls of the dead, dancing in the illuminated sky, according to legendary Norwegian tales.

Sites such as Svalbard, Dusk and Narvik provide exceptional conditions for observing Aurora Borealis.

If you are lucky enough to catch them, we guarantee the epic view of the majestic Norwegian mountains, fjords es, and the vast glaciers will make this experience even more extraordinary.


You will be glad to know that extensive travel to Scandinavian countries or leading to the Arctic Circle is not always necessary to see Aurora Borealis.

Unknown to many, Scotland is a prime location (perhaps a bit closer to home), where it is possible to see this legendary spectacle.

Referred to as "Mirrie Dancer" in Gaelic folklore, Scotland is home to a number of locations where Northern Lights are sometimes seen.

Go north to Cairngorms National Park, the isolated Rannoch Moor or the isolated Shetland Isles, among other things, and with a little luck, you will succeed in discovering these amazing natural wonders!

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands form a group of islands between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic.

Probably best known for its Viking heritage and herds of sheep and puffins inhabiting the archipelago, the Faroe Islands is actually an ideal location if you chase Aurora Borealis.

With 18 steep and unexplored islands that beg to be discovered, Northern Lights or not, you are guaranteed spectacular scenery and stunning beauty.

The westernmost island of Vágar, in particular, the village of Gásadalur, is definitely worth a visit and the conditions passed through the fingers would be good enough for Aurora Borealis observations!


As one of the eight countries stretching north above the Arctic Circle, Russia is one of the lucky sites where the most compelling natural spectacle can be watched live.

It is said that the ancient Sami people used to watch this light show in amazement and predict their future through dynamic color lines.

Currently, minus the forecast, Russia is still at the top of the list for those looking for Northern Lights. The Arkhangelsk Oblast region is well known for its Aurora Borealis sightings, thus heading north of Russia all the way to this glorious experience once in a lifetime.


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