Trips for The Christmas and New Year Holidays in Europe

Trips for The Christmas and New Year Holidays in Europe

The holiday season has arrived.

Almost all people around the world are getting ready to welcome the holidays year-end and Christmas with family.

Vacation with the family at the end of the year is an activity that is always eagerly awaited, after experiencing a heavy days because of work for 1 year.

At each end of the year, with the holidays year-end and Christmas celebrations are increasingly felt, all began to busy.
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Here may even be some of you that did have planned Christmas and new year holidays this 2018, much the way the previous day, or maybe even the end of the year 2016 already planned yesterday.

However, although sometimes we forget, because of the busyness of our work, making us forget to set plans Christmas celebrations and new year's Eve.

Whatever your reason, if you plan to celebrate Christmas and new year's holiday with his family at the turn of the year 2017-2018 this, you need to have a mature and well-planned preparations properly.

Because you are here not to go the holidays alone, you go on a vacation with your family, here there are your kids, your parents, or even in-laws and your brothers and sisters.

We know, on vacation or travelling has lots of benefits which we will be able, for example, reduce stress, increase insight and experience, foster a sense of confidence and many other benefits that we will get by on holiday or sightseeing.

Moreover, the holiday celebrating Christmas, which is the most appropriate moment to gather with family.

For that, we give some recommendations holidays celebrating Christmas and new year for your family in Europe.


Hungary is a historical city on the European continent. Lodging and food there is cheaper compared to other European countries. You can visit Budapest, capital city of the country. There, the cost of the stay per person per night is not up to Rp 200 thousand to the lodge.

Once packed, you do not need to spend hundreds of thousands. Reserved destinations, try to visit Lake Balaton in Transdanubia, Hungary to the West. Can also enjoy delicious pastries with interesting presentation at the Gerbeaud.

There is also an inviting vineyards on the Hill of Badacsony.


Never doubt the dramatic tour in Bulgaria. Countries in Southeast Europe it is the 16th largest country in Europe. Traveler usually boarded the city of Sofia, the second oldest city in Europe.
You can eat food and warm drinks and stay only with Rp 300 thousand per day. There is a museum of art and the museum of literature that you can visit in Bulgaria. The country is suitable for you who want the road and approaching things and art.

The cost of the tours in this country belongs to low, though her life belongs to the high standard. This is because Greece have experienced times of economic hardship. It's what makes his Government raised the attraction of tourists. But don't get me wrong, select a city because not all cities in Greece offers cheap tours.

If to this country, you can choose to visit the island of Paros or Skiathos. Greece is suitable for you who love history. Let alone building with beautiful architecture that makes you not lose away visiting here.

Free To The Other Side Of Edinburgh, Scotland
image: BBC
Edinburgh's renowned old town with its typical European also could bring the excitement of the new year's holiday. While enjoying the beauty of the city through its architecture and the chill of Scotland, celebrate the new year together with You the other side Edinburgh Hogmanay festival pass. The feast of the new year followed by various travelers from foreign countries by gathering in the heart of Edinburgh.

On this feast, fun activities can be enjoyed by tourists. Starting from run of One O'Clock Run, diving in the River Forth, until competition sled pulled by dogs. Do not forget, the attraction of fireworks into a complementary series of celebration of the turn of the year to make it more sweet. You can invite loved ones to be part of the excitement of new year's holiday.

Lapland, Finland
image: suomi-holiday
If Your childhood can only fantasize to play to the home of Santa Claus, it is now time to make it happen.

Home address is Santa Claus ' official ' was in Lapland, at the Santa Claus Village and Santa Park. There are many things that can be done here, including trout fishing on the Lake using the techniques of fly fishing, husky dog safari with segerombol or drive a sled reindeer-drawn. In order for the winter atmosphere increasingly felt, try also stay at the hotel igloo-shaped.

Don't forget to visit Santa Claus at his home that doubles as a toy workshop. There we will be greeted by Santa Claus and see how he and his his men produce and distribute toys for all children behave well around the world.

Strasbourg, France
image: goaheadtours
The small town that is included into the list of UNESCO'S version of the Old Town is located on the border of France with Germany, and both still retain the shape of the city from the middle ages to the present day. The difference is, the style of architecture in Strasbourg are likely to make this city a gothic look beautiful at the same time mysterious.

Throughout the month of December, a number of the night market was established in a number of squares and parks in Strasbourg. Not only that, no matter the population participated beautify the city by putting up ornaments and Christmas lights on their house made of stone and wood.

While enjoying various traditional foods typical of France in a night market, your evening will be made more beautiful by the presence of a group Christmas carol that you find everywhere you walk. Don't put up with winter? What if you heat the body by playing ice skating at the arena, which was founded in the middle of the night market?

Prague, Czech Republic
image: spendlifetraveling
The old town that is known for its gothic architecture is touted as one of the most romantic city in Europe in addition to Paris. Christmas Eve, Prague is usually snow-covered and decorated many a Christmas ornament, especially in the city centre is three, that is the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, and the Namesti Miru.

In addition to shopping and culinary pleasures in its market, the squeeze in touring the city on foot and enjoy the beauty of the thousand of years old that looks increasingly grandiose when decorated with Christmas lights. If you are a fan of the opera or ballet, take time to watch one of his show at the State Opera or the National Theater.

The Czech though known as a country with the largest beer consumption rate per man, here too there are many tea house, where you can warm yourself from the winter weather while enjoying a cup of hot tea or typical Czech from other parts of the world .

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
image: iamaileen
Before Coca-cola popularized the character of Santa Claus, Netherlands society already has a fat bearded grandfather Sint, a good heart and visited the city for handing out gifts to children who behave well on December 5 at night the feast of Saint Nicholas. Not surprisingly, Christmas is celebrated earlier in Amsterdam. On December 5, is celebrated with a variety of gifts and toys while the December 25th event is usually filled with family gatherings.

Spend the Christmas holidays in Amsterdam will certainly become an unforgettable experience. In addition to the opportunity to witness the Light Festival of Amsterdam, you will also be awed by the whole city decorated with White Christmas lights. If the temperature is cold enough, the canals around the city would freeze and you can play ice skating on it.

Residents of Amsterdam any participating enliven Christmas with decorating their houses along the main road or even a Christmas costume with dress up and greet people from the Windows of the House. Nice, isn't it?

City where most interests you? Wherever the goal, if you intend to spend the Christmas holidays in Europe, don't forget to bring a thick jacket to keep it comfortable winter weather there. Check first the collection of jackets and sweaters for men and women before leaving!

Salzburg, Austria
image: edelweisslodgeandresort
One of the things typical of Christmas abroad is the Christmas market. Salzburg in Austria had traditional markets are solid and fun to explore. Moreover, with the Christmas song as background which is easy to be heard across the city.

The city's main market is behind the Fortress Hohensalzburg. But if you want to hunt for culinary then existing in the market Square is the Mirabell tmpat appropriately. Driving around the city while shopping at night is an activity most appropriate here.

Tromso, Norway
image: fjordtravel
The primary reason why the city's entry in this list is because capital is referred to as the Arctic Tromso. Imagine how beautiful this city at the time of the winter. Tromso is also known as the prettiest town in Norway and one of the best city to see the Aurora.

The city is famous for its culinary kerangnya it also has some interesting museums. Some of these are Polar Museum containing the history of Arctic expeditions and Tromso Museum with exhibitions of Sami.

Berlin, Germany
image: instabug
Another one of the city's rich Christmas markets namely Berlin in Germany. Prepare your feet to explore night markets there. Prepare also your stomach to taste the culinary variety that shake up the tongue.

Because there are at least 60 Christmas markets held in the city. Variety of goods sold also very potential to be a unique gift for friends and family at home. There are about 6,500 restaurants, cafés and 546 2,800 stalls snacks there. Fill the stomach and your heart with a vacation to Berlin when the end of the year!


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