Trip Adventure for The Intrepid Explorer

Trip Adventure for The Intrepid Explorer

We always think that exploration is the heart of the journey.

You do not need a lighted torch or a flag to plant, it's more about expanding your horizons and venturing out of your comfort zone a bit.

That is this trip. They are an unusual classic, if your big holiday idea involves the sensation of adrenaline, heartbeat racing, and rides, this is for you.

continue to see some amazing ideas for the intrepid explorer inside you.

So, ready to explore?

Trips to Alien Landscape of Rock Formation

Swimming with crocodiles in Australia

© Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Get up close and personal with one of the most deadly creatures on Earth at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin dubbed the "Cage of Death."

You will fall into a cage that holds nearly 200 crocodiles, without an acrylic cage between you and them.

They do things a little differently in Australia and this awful tourist spot is proof.

Crocosaurus Cove's Cage of Death is a tool that allows you to swim with threatening reptiles.

This unpleasant discovery may be the best closure you will get if you want to live to tell the story.

The only Australian crocodile swim device is located within the park of attraction in the heart of Darwin.

And believe it or not, this is becoming a hotspot for tourists.

Up to two people can fit in cages as high as nine feet at a time suspended above crocodiles before being lowered into the water.

Intrepid tourists hovering beside a giant salty water reptile over 16 feet in length, only separated by a thin transparent headscarf.

One of the most popular visitors is Chopper, a 58-stone snapper with large chewing jaws.

Handlers strategically feed the crocs to make sure they are right in your personal space.

If you can tear your eyes, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the underwater world around you.

If watching crocs chew a chicken makes you chicken out, you can see them from a more comfortable distance instead.

Nearly 200 prehistoric reptiles live in Crocosaurus Cove - the largest display in the world has to offer.

Dangle off of Canada’s tallest tower

© AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darren Calabrese

Living on the edge of courtesy of EdgeWalk in Toronto in CN Tower, the highest free-standing structure in the western hemisphere.

Secured with a heavy duty locking carabineer connected to the ring on the harness, EdgeWalk involves walking or leaning backward or forwards with a five-foot (1.5-meter) line at the CN Tower restaurant, 1,168 feet (356 meters) above the ground.

After a thrilling adventure that will really test your courage?

The tallest building roof in Canada is set to be open to the public within a few days, offering a brave opportunity to dangle from the roof with a 356-meter-high structure.

The CN Tower in Toronto will let sensation seekers walk around the rooftops as the new EdgeWalk appeal opens on August 1st.

Capture? You are outside the building - and there is no railway guard.

Instead, visitors are restricted to overhead rail tracks while they dare to follow the 1.5m trail. It's made of an open metal mesh, which allows people to peer into the ground beneath.

The scenery that they will be greeted with can help a lot overcome their fear of heights, with a fascination of 3.4 million dollars offering a spectacular view of Toronto without a glitch.

But definitely not for the weak. Canadian CEO Lands, Mark Laroche, has tried this experience four times and says "my legs are shaking".

This is not a cheap way to spend the afternoon - tickets costing C $ 175 ($ 184) and last 30 minutes.

The tower estimates that up to 12,000 people will try to appeal every year. Tickets for the first public street were quickly sold out when it opened last month.

There are similar attractions in Auckland, New Zealand Macau and China.

Hike along the shores of Huashan Mountain in China

© Dan Cooper/Getty Images

If normal hiking is too boring for you, here's something to arouse adrenaline.

One of the five Taoist sacred mountains in China, Huashan Mountain rises to over 7,000 feet (2,133.6 meters) at the highest peak.

This is a favorite place for adventurous travelers who want to hike with its wooden platform that is bolted to the slopes.

This path is considered one of the most dangerous in the world with massive droplets on one side.

Hua Shan, a two-hour bus ride from Xian, is one of the five Taoist sacred mountains in China. Taoism is a 2,500-year spiritual practice whose way of life explores the relationship between the strong and the passive Yin.

'Go with the flow’' is the mantra, one's life is a constant gyroscope between these conflicting powers.

Its founder, Lao Tzu, allegedly lived and preached from these mountains in 500 BC. Little is known about His Majesty Tzu, and there are some questions whether he really exists.

Nevertheless, on Mount Hua Shan, I expect to see the offspring of this teacher - contemplative saints sitting cross-legged on rocks, contemplating the universe and reconciling their place in it.

Hua Shan is famous as the most dangerous mountain hiking in China.

A narrow strip, a drop of dust, marginal security, and wet slippery conditions all contribute to this dubious reputation.

Therefore, you should see for yourself. Of course, a respectful mountain does not dare to harm its congregation.

Besides, if it is so dangerous, why is it so popular?

Bungee jumps to an active volcano in Chile

© / Barcroft USA /Barcoft Media via Getty Images

If bungee jumping seems too tame to you, try diving directly into the bubbling cauldron of an active volcano.

Go to Villarica Volcano in Pucón, Chile: jump from a helicopter and take you within 700 feet (213.36 meters) of boiling magma.

Bungee jumping is popular once in a while.

But lately loses its charm and is definitely not that high on the bucket list.

Until a company thinks they will turn on a bit and offer a bungee jump to an active volcano.

Initially this activity was established as an action for MTV but is very popular with the audience who dared to dispatch has made it a reality for the public.

Who would not want to go to an active volcano? This may not be a good idea for several reasons.

When it first erupts from the volcano, the lava is at a temperature between 700 to 1,200 ° C.

And we may have to be very clear about this: Villarrica volcano is still very active and can erupt at any time.

The 9,380-foot volcano seen above Pucon city last erupted in March 2015, spewing lava and ash into the air at altitudes of up to 3,500 feet.

Still, do you think you want to make the jump? Do not think that's a very stupid idea? Then read on to find out how close you will lose your eyebrows.

First, you need to handle a trip to the volcano which involves traveling on the edge of a helicopter at 135kph for 35 miles.

When you make the jump you will be hanging from a rope that is 350 feet long which means you will be about 700 feet from the magma.

And that's not the end of it. Once the 'exciting' experience ends, assuming your whole face has not melted, it is not possible to climb into a helicopter.

You just left on the rope, bobbing and staring at his flaming face and then dragging it safely to get you back to the ground.

If this is your idea for fun (and possibly your minority), the overall experience will cost you ten thousand.

Can you die? Absolutely.

You will even sign a letter of conspiracy to free the company if you do.

But if you make it back to your resort, you will get a free shirt and there is a buffet breakfast so it is balanced, maybe this is worth the risk.

Dare to try?

Zipline Extreme Himalayas in Nepal

© Chamberlin/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

If the height does not scare you then the Himalayas have something to offer.

It is an unrivaled flight through the beautiful scenery of beautiful Pokhara with beautiful scenery from Annapurna in front and the dense green canopy below with the beautiful Phewa Lake, an unquestionably amazing zip trailer experience on the planet with a slope of 56%, its total length 1.8 kilometers and a vertical drop of 600 meters.

The zip line in the Himalayan region of Nepal is one of the most extreme in the world.

Adventure travelers can glide across the hills as high as 1968.5 feet (600 meters) with a speed of more than one mile (1.8 km) with speeds up to 87 mph (140 km / h).

The most extraordinary zipline in the Nepal world is the highest, longest and fastest zip line in the world and is located in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

It is the longest, longest and longest zipline in the world, which has a length of more than 1.8 km, with a drop of 600 meters vertical and can go at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

Located in Sarangkot, a 20-minute bumpy truck ride from the center of Pokhara, the zipline stands isolated at the top of a hill where the only other sound you will hear regardless of the rustling of the trees is the mechanical flame that spins from the moving zipline.

Fully explanatory and broken down into pairs (if you have not signed up with a partner) you will be called two-thirds to the platform.

Lucky for this zipline monsters you can sit in the armor, not hung with rope!

Drag a rope to slow you down if the person at the end of the line waves the flag as a warning; pull the two straps to 'release' you if you stop; always leaning back; Keep your legs stretched in the air at all times.

It was really exhilarating.

Chernobyl Tour in Ukraine

© Sean Gallup/Getty Images

If you are planning to visit Ukraine or already in this country, do not miss the most important and unique experience and site.

The event, named after the "Chernobyl Disaster", has changed the course of development of our civilization; this is the most tangible contribution from Ukraine into global history.

After the 1986 disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power facility, the surrounding area was left very irradiated.

The place - the Chernobyl Zone, with a nuclear power plant (NPP), which produces no more energy, but paradoxically consumes it, and the abandoned Pripyat ghost town, - like a time machine, lets you see past events and realizes how both history and nature works.

The elaborate ensemble of hundreds of impressive technical and cultural monuments is surrounded and overwhelmed by a thriving world, which has become wild in this area.

The advanced skills and new understanding gained practically in coping with radiation accidents in their homelands for more than a quarter of a century, has made the Ukrainian planetary leaders in the field.

Today, brave travelers can explore this haunting landscape.

Chernobyl's innovative journey uses all these cutting-edge and cutting-edge skills, and delivers them in a clear, easy to use and fun way.

You will learn many important but not widely known things about radiation, radiation contamination, and radiation resistance, which is very important today.

The place has hundreds of abandoned buildings and there are rumors of wild boars and strange plant growth.

Chernobyl is the most famous Ukrainian phenomenon.

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Watch the lava flowing at Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii

© Mark Newman/Mark Newman/Getty Images

Feel the sensation like nothing else in Mt. Kilauea volcano, the most active in the world.

It has not stopped erupting since 1983.

The lava tremor has been pouring from Hawaii volcanoes that have led to the Pacific Ocean over the last few days and showed quite a lot of performances.

The "lava waterfall" is located in the Kamokuna lava delta in Hawaii's Volcano National Park, and begins after several acres of land collapsed on December 31, 2016.

Look but do not touch.


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