The Top Travel Trend to Watch in 2018

The Top Travel Trend to Watch in 2018

Towards the end of the year, tourism players offer promotions and excursions.

Technological advances provide more options and access information to travelers, thus stimulating their tastes for different experiences.

Here's top trend of travel in 2018:

Pop culture pilgrimage

HBO TV series Game of Thrones' fans are no longer unfamiliar with Dubrovnik in Croatia as this is one of the filming locations.

Meanwhile, Sherlock fans and The Crown may consider visiting London.

Apparently, the pilgrimage of pop culture will be the trend next year, because TV shows, movies, sports and social media become a source of inspiration for travelers.

A recent survey by, a search engine for booking accommodations, has revealed that the blogger's or YouTubers recommendation sparked the idea for 39 percent of travelers.

Meanwhile, on-screen locations from television, movies or music videos will affect 36 percent of travelers in the coming year.

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Live like a local

Today, travelers choose local experience, encouraging them to live in rented houses or apartments.

Based on the survey, 25 percent of travelers seek host with strong local knowledge about local food and places to visit.

Vacation group reports that 25 percent of respondents say they prefer to travel with a group of friends in 2018, up from 21 percent in 2017.

Vacation groups have become a consideration because travelers are no longer just focus on goals but also on people who care to create memories.

Traveling with friends is seen as a social time away from everyday stresses, reducing stress and building relationships with friends.

Furthermore, group holidays have the financial advantage of allowing tourists to stay in accommodation so they can not afford while traveling alone.

Walk down the memory path claims that travelers will be interested in walking down memory lines by reviewing places from childhood memories in 2018.

Revisiting this goal gives travelers the opportunity to integrate the future with the past, as they can explore previously loved destinations in new ways.

Luxury long distance

Nihi Sumba Island Resort (formerly Nihiwatu Resort) in West Sumba District, East Nusa Tenggara, has been named the Best Hotel in the World by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine for two consecutive years.

The achievement is in line with a report by Jacada Travel's, a travel company specializing in inspirational travel, which claims that today's travelers are looking for remote areas and want to be cut off from the routine.

"One thing we hear more and more are tourists who want to go to a remote, remote location.

This is a great way to escape the city life and natural nature entirely, "said Jacsey sales director George Warren in a press release.


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