The Secret Way of Getting a Cheap Hotel on Vacation

The Secret Way of Getting a Cheap Hotel on Vacation

Traveling and take a trip isn't cheap.

Whether you're going for business or holidaying well, it's too easy to collect bill for hundreds - maybe even thousands of dollars.

And often, your biggest budget buster is your hotel room.

Luckily, there are various savings strategies you can use to find the perfect hotel that suits your budget - or at least offer free facilities.

Buy Other People's Reservation

To save money on your next vacation, consider grabbing a last minute hotel deal through RoomerTravel.

This website allows you to purchase other undesirable hotel room reservations at a low price, says consumer and savings expert Andrea Woroch.

"This site connects you with travelers who are stuck with a reservation they can not cancel, but are willing to sell and transfer the reservation at a discount," he said.

Use Coupon Codes for a Cheap Hotel Deal

The hotel does not regularly offer coupons, Woroch said.

But if you search, sometimes you can find coupon codes for third party booking sites that will give you cheap hotel rooms.

For example, Coupon Sherpa offers 50 per cent of select hotels in Woroch.

Request a Price Match to Save Money at the Hotel

Price matching is not just for Target buyers, but also for travelers looking for cheap hotel rooms.

Although the hotel may not advertise much, many of them will match the lower competitor's price if you ask, says Woroch.

That applies to third party sites as well.

" offers for prices according to the price of a competitor or hotel - just order, then send the link with cheaper price," said Woroch.

"I do this because I get a free night through their site after surviving 10, so this is a win-win."

Stayed in mid week to save money at hotel

If you can avoid staying at hotels Friday and Saturday, you can print cheap hotel deals.

"Most hotels offer significant discounts for rates starting from Sunday through Thursday," Woroch said.

As an added bonus, swimming pools, restaurants and spas will be less busy and sometimes offer offers, he said.

Find Cheap Hotels Inclusive

It can be very frustrating to find the level of the hotel seems great, just to see the cheap hotel deal you get jacked up with daily parking fees, internet fees and even resort fees.

The solution - find an inclusive hotel that includes this facility in price.

"Breakfast, WiFi and parking are facilities to consider when comparing hotel rates, as daily charges can accrue quickly depending on the length of your stay," Woroch said.

A family of four can save nearly $ 40 per day by choosing a hotel with free breakfast, he added.

Maximize Your Credit Card

No, no - we did not say go wild pig with your Visa.

But often, credit card holders get exclusive and exciting hotel deals, Woroch said.

"For example, MasterCard card members can get an additional 10 percent of hotel reservations selected through, through an agreement posted on Coupon Sherpa," he said.

The deal is good until the end of 2017.

Use Memberships to Save Money on Hotels

Members of warehouses and credit card users are not the only ones getting cheap hotel deals from membership.

If you are a AAA member, military or AARP, there is a good chance that you can help you print cheaper hotel rooms too, Woroch said.

"For example, Hilton Garden Inn offers 10 percent for elderly people aged 65 and older," he said.

Plus, the hotel offers up to 15 percent for AARP members, as well as AAA members.

Buy Discount Gift Cards

Nice gift card for Starbucks or California Pizza Kitchen.

And on sites like GiftCardGranny, you can find discount gift cards that will effectively make your hotel room cheaper.

For example, Woroch found the gift card more than 20 percent discount on the GiftCardGranny site.

Used an App for Discount Hotels

If you have never used the HotelTonight app, Woroch says it should.

"This app collects unsold rooms in upscale hotels and provides cut-rate rates to users," he said.

Woroch has seen last minute hotel deals of up to 50 percent.

It could make an affordable buffet breakfast again.

Choose a Business Hotel

Hotels that cater to business travelers may not offer all the striking and stinging facilities a resort does, but can help you save enough to enhance your holiday with more fun in the sun.

Going parasailing or scuba diving can make up for a smaller hotel pool in no time.

"During the summer and weekend months, [business] hotels are usually slower," said saving expert Jeanette Pavini.

"You are more likely to get a good deal on these hotels if you book a room during these difficult times."

It may be assumed that every hotel has minimal features, such as queen or king beds, towels, private bathroom and more.

But that's not always the case in Europe - and this could benefit you as you search for cheap hotels.

"Many hotels allow you to pay less for a 'single' room, which often means twin beds or shared bathrooms," Pavini said.

"There is even a low budget hotel where you pay a low base price, such as daily housekeeping, towels or in-room TV.

If you are open to minimum accommodation, you will save a lot of money. "

Check-in at last minute

Waiting late into the night to check in could give you a better room for the same price, Pavini said.

"Once your hotel has checked most of their guests tonight, they can better evaluate their emptiness and may be more likely to upgrade your room for free," he said.

Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees

When booking a hotel abroad with your credit card, you may be subject to foreign transaction fees even before you leave the state, Pavini said.

That's why it's important to know which credit card offers the lowest or lowest transaction fees - and book travel on the card.

You may be able to avoid foreign transaction fees by ordering on a third party travel site where your money does not need to be converted, he added.

"Sites like Orbitz and also typically have high-value coupon codes at"

Join a Hotel Loyalty Program

Like most businesses, hotels love loyal customers and are willing to offer their benefits, Woroch said.

"For example, members of Best Western Rewards can save 10 percent or more, and earn points for a free night," he said.

Loyalty awards can also apply to third-party sites.

"On the coupon code page at, we found that will give you one free night when you stay 10 nights through their loyalty program," Pavini said.

Look for Reciprocal Hotel Deals

Many hotels and airlines have a point of partnership. But, often, the opportunity to gain points does not stop there, said Pavini.

"For example, currently Starwood Preferred Guests can earn one Starpoint per $ 2 spent with Uber," he said.

And during your stay with SPG, you can earn two Starpoints per $ 1 spent with Uber.

Sign Up for the Hotel’s Credit Card

Sure, the hotel credit card may not have the best interest rate.

But if you pay it off every month, you can still cash out some awards, which can really help you save money at the hotel.

"You will often receive automatic upgrades to middle-level loyalty status, accompanied with benefits," said Lee Huffman, travel expert and founder of BaldThoughts travel and financial advice website.

"And you will accumulate more points when using the hotel card to pay for your room. Some cards even give you a free night when you pay an annual fee or spend a certain amount on the card."


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