17 Most Affordable Trips for Christmas Holidays Under a Hundred Dollars a Day

17 Most Affordable Trips for Christmas Holidays Under a Hundred Dollars a Day

As the saying goes, "there's no place like home for the holidays."

But if you choose to go, there are plenty of cheap holiday trips that you can take.

To help you determine where to spend your Thanksgiving or Christmas without having to spend a lot of extra money, there are several factors that you can make a benchmark.

Popular places: hotel fees, holiday flights, food, drinks, transportation, and entertainment.

If you are looking for a cheap Christmas holiday or a Thanksgiving holiday, enter these cities into your prospective list of destinations.

This is the best destination for a cheap holiday trip.

You do not have to spend an exorbitant amount on Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.

If you visit this affordable destination, you can save money on your holiday trip.

Trips in Luxury Without More Budget Cost

#1. Washington DC.

Traveling to the nation's capital can be an affordable Christmas getaway.

Plus, you can avoid the crowds at other times of the year. The average hotel night rate dropped to $ 85 over Christmas from $ 97 over Thanksgiving.

In addition, Christmas Flight to Washington, D.C., is also much cheaper than flights to most other cities.

While there, you can visit the holiday market and see the National Christmas Tree near the White House, the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. and the National Menorah.

#2 Boston

Boston gets very cold in winter but is a good time to visit this town if you want to save some money.

The average overnight rate for a hotel dropped to $ 108 over Christmas from $ 119 over Thanksgiving.

The flight from Atlanta to Boston, also dropped to $ 206 over Thanksgiving of $ 167 over Christmas, rather than the average price

#3. Nashville, Tenn

There's more to Music Town than, well, just music. If you visit around Christmas, you can see a luxurious holiday view of over 3 million twinkling lights at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.

Plus, winter is low season, so this is more affordable time to visit.

The flight is relatively cheap, with average airfare from Atlanta to Nashville over Christmas for just $ 203.

But lodging is more expensive here than other most affordable places to visit during the holidays except Los Angeles.

#4. New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its Mardi Gras party in February, but you should consider visiting the city in December.

The crowds are smaller, and you can find cheap Christmas flights to New Orleans.

You can fly from Atlanta to New Orleans for just $ 108, making it the most affordable vacation flight.

Hotel prices are also affordable during the holidays.

The average cost of alcohol is the highest in our rank, however, at $ 48 per day.

#5. Miami

If you are looking for a nice cheap holiday in the sun, Miami is a good choice.

The average cost of a plane ticket from Atlanta to the city of South Florida is only $ 223 during Christmas, which is one of the cheapest flights in this ranking.

However, the cost of lodging increased from an average of $ 132 per night over Thanksgiving to an average of $ 179 per night over Christmas.

You can save money on hotels in Miami - and other cities - stay on weekdays instead of weekends, ask hotels to match competitors' prices and use apps like HotelTonight to get the latest deals.

#6 Los Angeles

You want to save money on vacation, travel to Los Angeles by visiting the legendary landmarks that are free, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Park Observatory, Getty Center or Venice Beach.

Because flights to other cities are more expensive than flights to Los Angeles is also included in the city of flight destinations are much cheaper.

However, lodging in this city is much more expensive here than in other affordable cities to visit during the holidays.

So also with entertainment, you will cost a lot more than in most cities.

#7. Denver

Although Denver is close to ski resorts, winter is a low season for tourism in The Mile High City.

As a result, this is a great place for a reasonably priced Christmas trip.

Accommodation costs are lower than in most U.S. destinations.

And it's cheaper to fly from Atlanta or Los Angeles to Denver than most other cities on this list.

Plus, in a city famous for its beer factory, you can drink cheaply. The average daily cost of drinks is only $ 4.25.

#8. Seattle

A trip to Seattle during cold and rainy winters may not be ideal.

But if you are looking for a cheap holiday getaway, you should consider the largest city in Washington.

Vacation flights to Seattle are cheaper than most other cities.

Although the cost of lodging is not exorbitant, the price is not super cheap.

The average hotel rate every night during Thanksgiving is $ 142, and the average rate over Christmas is $ 140.

#9 Chicago

Chicago offers an affordable holiday getaway, but be prepared to gather in Windy City if you go during the cold months of November or December.

You will be rewarded for cold temperatures with average hotel rates of an average of $ 87 over Thanksgiving and $ 85 over Christmas.

And the holiday flights to Chicago are among the cheapest in this ranking.

#10. San Francisco

San Francisco does not seem to be as near the cheap Christmas travel list as it has an expensive reputation.

However, The City, like the locals call it, can be cheaper in the winter.

You can find cheap Christmas flights to San Francisco from Los Angeles - just $ 96.

And the average nightly rate for hotels over Thanksgiving and Christmas is $ 121.

San Francisco's transportation costs are among the lowest in our rankings, and you can see the most popular tourist spots in town for free.

That includes Pier 39 and the Golden Gate Bridge (if you're crossing on foot or by bicycle).

Do not forget to grab some free chocolate samples at Ghirardelli Square.

#11. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

For a cheap Christmas break on the beach, not far from Playa del Carmen, Mexico - the most affordable place to visit during the holidays.

Located in the easternmost part of Mexico, this popular tourist destination has very cheap food, transport and alcohol costs, as well as the lowest entertainment costs of any city in our ranking.

Apart from Toronto, Playa del Carmen is the cheapest place to fly into the intercity city on our list outside the U.S.

But the average hotel rate over Thanksgiving and Christmas is cheaper here than in Toronto. Plus, the weather is much warmer in the tropics.

#12. Toronto

The cost of flying to Toronto is cheaper than a plane ticket to some U.S. cities. in this list.

Although lodging is not cheap in Canada's largest city, you can save money on a hotel by visiting over Christmas and not Thanksgiving because the nightly rate drops to $ 140 from $ 192.

In general, winter is the best time to visit Toronto to save money and take an affordable Christmas break, according to the U.S. News & World Report.

#13. Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are looking for an affordable Christmas holiday in Europe, consider Amsterdam.

Low food, transportation and entertainment costs in the Dutch capital.

To save money on flights to Amsterdam, travel over Thanksgiving and not Christmas - plane tickets about $ 300 to $ 550 lower, depending on the city of U.S. departure.

Plus, the weather can be better in November than in December.

#14. Rome

The average hotel rate every night over Thanksgiving is $ 43, and the average rate over Christmas is only $ 44.

Plus, by visiting Rome in November or December, you will be spared from the crowd.

Although flying to the most affordable places in the U.S. during the holidays is much cheaper than flying to Rome.

However, lodging in the Italian capital is very cheap.

#15. Bangkok

You must visit this future destination before everything becomes too expensive - and holidays are an ideal time to go.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, hotel prices are cheaper here than in other cities in this ranking - $ 23 and $ 35 per night.

Flights to Thailand are not cheap, but plane tickets to Bangkok are lower than some of the least expensive places to visit during the holidays - especially if you fly from Los Angeles.

The average flight cost from LA to Bangkok over Thanksgiving is $ 636.

Trips Guide to Bangkok Thailand

#16. Jakarta

Just like Bangkok, you should visit this place as well before everything becomes too expensive - and a holiday is an ideal time to go.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, hotel prices are cheaper here than in other cities, as countries in Southeast Asia are the most cost-effective and best alternative destination of your destination.

Tickets to Jakarta are not cheap, as is the ticket to Bangkok, which is much lower than the most expensive place to visit during the holidays - especially if you fly from Los Angeles.

However, you can take a flight from Jakarta to Bali which is much cheaper than you go directly to Bali destination.

#17. Kuala Lumpur (KL)

Countries in Southeast Asia are the most cost-effective and best alternative destinations for your purpose.

Flights from Los Angeles to Southeast Asian cities are not cheap.

However, it is much cheaper than other expensive tourist places to visit.

As with Jakarta and Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia is one of the world's favorite travel destinations.

And the best time to visit here is when the Christmas holidays arrive.

Note: The above average price reference is taken from GoBankingrates.

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