Celebrity-Owned Restaurants - What it Cost to Dine Here?

Celebrity-Owned Restaurants - What it Cost to Dine Here?

From celebrity chefs to the pop singer, the famous faces are often associated with the world of restaurants. You'd be surprised how many celebrities have it's own restaurant!

If you have a craving for some delicious food and possible sightings of celebrities, visit one of these tasty restaurants on your next vacation.

Multitalented and flush with cash, not the culinary stars rarely think to add restaurants to their resumes.

Of course, running a popular restaurant takes a lot of knowledge about the industry and jobs, so most asking many aid experts.

In fact, some celebrity restaurant owner serves as a relatively silent partner, while others are much much more.

Take a look at these restaurants from around the U.S. are owned by some of the biggest names in music, film, and television.

The Girl and the Goat

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants 
Like much other contemporary celebrities, Chef Stephanie Izard earned him fame in the Top Chef TV.

The title of the winner of the season managed to come by, as can be seen by everyone (make "sense" of it) when they visit his Chicago restaurant.

While The Girl and the Goat serves a variety of dishes from sweet potatoes to the dish its iconic fish, meat of course goats.

Can you get goat meat served in any way! If you want to eat here, you must reserve your spot away day.

Price Point/Value: This restaurant encourages shared plates and a majority of the dishes are about $15-$20 each. Some of the bigger meat dishes are around $25. Cocktails are $14. Bread are $5. For two people, they typically suggest that you order about 4 dishes.

Bon Jovi — Soul Kitchen

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

Not all restaurants belonging to celebrities including top chef, and not everything is luxury upmarket eateries.

In New Jersey, Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea, runs two restaurants under the name Community JBJ Soul Kitchen.

But that doesn't mean the food is bland and boring.

The restaurant offers three special dishes that focus on healthy, delicious food, farming.

Guest chefs make a voluntary appearance regularly.

This special restaurant for some other reasons as well.

First, they serve customers who pay and those who need the same way, at the same time.

They also get all herb cuisine locally.

Their staff are volunteers, and a free soup kitchen funded by visitors who pay.

Well, it's fun and refreshing.

Price range $11-30

Jessica Biel — Au Fudge

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  

Prime Burger for $18

Opened in the year 2016, the restaurant kids West Hollywood, Calif., Jessica Biel the affable son of Jessica Biel family restaurant is average.

Along with his colleagues Joey Gonzalez, Estee Stanley, Jonathan Rollo and Kimberly Mueller, health-conscious actresses who created the luxury space where children can have fun and everyone can enjoy organic dishes, food natural food without dyes.

Biel initially was invited to provide a healthy grilled foods for restaurant – his hobby-but his lack of professional experience made him increasingly declining.

Instead, he decided to focus his efforts on the menu and his nutritional aspects.

The restaurant includes a creative space, staffed with Au Fudge au pairs, where older people eat in a restaurant can leave their children for two hours and costs $15.

Activities for children are also offered every week – including kids yoga and high tea is Au Fudge.
Au Fudge may succeed, but many other celebrities have tried and failed to open restaurants.

Justin Timberlake — Southern Hospitality

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Crispy shrimp for $25

There is a possibility his wife inspired Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel to join the ranks of the celebrity restaurant owner because he had entered the culinary business since 2007 along with Southern Hospitality BBQ.

Currently resides in Midtown Manhattan, former NSYNC member * join friends Eytan Sugarman Award and Trace Ayala to give New York City Memphis-style barbecue taste authentic.
Timberlake's involvement with the restaurant is not clear.

The restaurant's website to list them as a co-creator, but Aparna repeatedly insisted that he only assisted with the concept and the music, and not an investor or owner.

Ryan Gosling — Tagine

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Tagine of lamb Couscous for $32

After sampling the cuisine of Chef Ben Benameur at an event, Ryan Gosling was hooked.

Then the stars are rising, the actor joined chef and collaborator Chris Angulo to open the Tagine in the year 2004.

Yelpers are often crowded into the restaurant Beverly Hills, California, hoping to get a glimpse of the handsome actor, but few are successful.

While she even help wash the dishes in the early days of a popular restaurant, its status as an A-lister who is busy making it always far.

Florida Georgia Line — FGL House

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Shrimp and grits for $18

More than just a country music star, Georgia Georgia duet Line Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley became the owner of the restaurant when they open the doors of their House in FGL 2017.

Located in Nashville, the restaurant serves Southern-style food with shades of California.

Actually, the fans have the chance to eat salads the same Kelley Hubbard and keeps them on the road.
Restaurant owner celebrities partnered with the Ohio-based restaurant group that had operated some restaurants Nashville-other areas.

The two stars are involved in aspects of the design of the restaurant and were on hand to lead a ceremonial ribbon cutting for its opening.

Mark, Donnie Wahlberg and Paul — Wahlburgers

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  

Our Burger for $8.95 (in NYC Upper East Side Location)

If your name is "Wahlberg," can you pass the restaurant punny after your name? Brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg couldn't resist.

Burger joint Boston-based Wahlburgers is more than just a good name.

The restaurant offers something to please everyone in the family: burgers, salads, kids meals, and even foods that are designed for the pickiest eaters.

Mark Wahlberg hopes to carry on the family business to his sons.

Burger chain not only has the owner of the famous but also have A reality gig E & itself by the same name.

Founded by Chef Paul Wahlberg and his brother the famous Mark and Donnie, the original Wahlburgers was opened in 2011 in suburban Boston, Hingham, mass.

Wahlberg brothers produce millions of people together.

Emmy nominated reality performances recount what happened behind the scenes at Wahlburgers, with Mark and Donnie continue to push a very careful Chef Paul to expand the menu and the amount of the restaurant.

In the year 2016, Wahlburgers announces agreement with five groups of new franchise to open more than 30 restaurants in seven States.

Currently there are locations in seven States and Canada, with plans to open the 100-150 site again.

Teresa Giudice, Joe and Melissa Gorga — Gorga's Homemade Pasta & Pizza

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Gia's Chicken Milanese for $17

Eat like "Real Housewives of New Jersey" is now easier than ever. In the year 2017, Joe Gorga, Melissa Gorga and his brother of his wife Teresa Guidice open Gorigu's Homemade Pasta Pizza & in Hanover East, N.J.

Homage to the mother of the late Joe and Teresa, Italy restaurant is the reincarnation of the Salugo Bistro, which previously occupied the site.

According to NJ.com, the decor was not much changed from a previous version of the restaurant and its menu also.

However, some family recipes Gorga now in menu, while the other dishes just renaming to reflect your loved ones.

The level of family involvement in the day-to-day operations of the restaurant is not clear, but the chef reported NJ.com and most of his staff lived from day to day restaurant like Salugo Bistro.

Lisa Vanderpump — SUR restaurant and Lounge

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Roasted Skirt Steak for $30

Best known as the employer of most of the cast of "Rules" Vanderpump, viewers have been following the series Bravo reality show since 2013 to see the stars of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Lisa Vanderpump is being worked hard.

Along with her husband Ken Todd and business partner Guillermo and Nathalie Zapata, restaurant owners have experienced SUR owned Restaurant and Lounge since the year 2005.

In addition to the hotspot in West Hollywood, California, also has a Pump Vanderpump Restaurant-located around the SUR-and Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, California.

One of the restaurant owners more celebrities, she handled the interior design for all its restaurants.

Ludacris — Chicken + Beer

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Luda's Chicken + Pecan Waffles for $15.99

After years of waiting, the rapper Ludacris opened restaurant Chicken + Beer in the D Concourse of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta by the year 2015.

It is named after double-platinum platinum album of the year 2003 "Chicken-n-Beer", this restaurant is a partnership between Ludacris and Jackmont Hospitality.

Otherwise known as Chris Bridges, Atlanta actor and rapper's involvement in the operations of the restaurant is not clear.

That is clearly proud of his efforts, he regularly promote it on social media and scissors cards adorning the entrance of the restaurant.

Sandra Bullock — Walton’s Fancy and Staple

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Pastrami Sandwich for $9.50

He may have owned luxury goods store Walton's's Fancy and Staple, a bakery, a bakery and a flower shop in Austin, Texas, deli, but Sandra Bullock is not using his star power to attract customers.

There is no mention of the actress A-list on the site of Walton, but casual restaurants and stores have been running strongly at a location of Austin since 2009.

Jon Huertas — Clutch

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

Santa Maria Tri-Tip for $15

More than just an actor, star of "This is Us" Jon Huertas also has a home in Venice, California, clutch.
In addition to partner Miguel Garcia and Oscar Hermosillo, the trio opened a restaurant Cali-Mex in the year 2015.

The busy actor is clearly proud of the Clutch, regularly promote it on social media, but don't seem to be too involved in the day-to-day operations.

Huertas did the job home because his colleagues share the restaurant owners, so the restaurant is in the hands of the experienced.

Joey Fatone — Fat one's

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Sloppy Joey for $5.99
Following in the footsteps of former bandmate Justin Timberlake, * NSYNC alumni Joey Fatone opened hot dog Fat One in the year 2016.

Located in the Florida Mall in Orlando, Fla., Fatone wisely teamed up with three other business partners, including one with experience running a restaurant Mall.

Fatone was heavily involved in this business and even once appeared on the Home Shopping Network to promote branch letter orders.

In the year 2017, she told Page Six that he's ready to expand one's Fat and is in talks for a TV series.

Hines Ward — Table 86

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Grilled Mahi Mahi for $15.99

He retired from the NFL in the year 2012, but Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward that long is still a big part of the Pittsburgh community.

In the year 2015, MV Bowger 2006 Super Bowl joined with restaurant owners Howard Shiller to open a restaurant Table 86 and Vines Wine Bar in suburban Pittsburgh Seven Fields, Penn.

On site restaurant, champion of "Dancing With the Stars" 2011 said that he launched the restaurant to bring more jobs to the area and to create a great gathering place for locals, as a way to thank you for their support.

Norman Reedus — Nic & Norman's

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Fried chicken burger for $12

Norman Reedus, who starred in "The Walking Dead," joining the list of celebrity restaurant owner in the year 2016, when he opened the Nic & Norman with Greg Nicotero, executive producer, and creator of special makeup effects of AMC's hit drama.

Restaurant burger-centric located in Senoia, Ga, where the show filmed.

The walls of the restaurant decorated with photographs taken by Reedus, and Yelpers reported that the duo regularly look at their restaurants.

Jordan Knight — Novara

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Chicken Parmesan for $19

Donnie Wahlberg isn't the only New Kid on the block with an interest in food.

Bandmate Jordan Knight has been an investor in Milton, mass., restaurant Italy Novara since a few months before it opened at 2016.

In an interview with Boston Magazine, Knight said he enjoys learning about the management of the restaurant.

Unlikely you will be caught Knight worked in Novara, but you will probably find it love pizza chef, tortellini or squid from chef Tony DeRienzo.

Gloria Estefan — Estefan Kitchen

What It Costs to Dine at These Celebrity-Owned Restaurants  
Palomilla for $24

In the year 2017, Gloria and Emilio Estefan opened the Estefan Kitchen, their newest restaurant.
Located in Miami's Design District, the restaurant serves Cuban cuisine.

The involvement of the couple at the restaurant were not clear, but as a 27-year veteran of the industry, they know what they are doing.

Estefans has a collection of Florida, including restaurant Larios on the Beach in Miami, Cuban Café Bongo's in Lake Buena Vista and Estefan Kitchen Express at Miami International Airport.

Estefans is probably the hospitality industry experts, but there are other routes toward wealth as a celebrity-making a lot of money by starring in infomercials.

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