The Best Most Epic Adventure Travel Trips, That You Have to do Once in a Lifetime

The Best Most Epic Adventure Travel Trips, That You Have to do Once in a Lifetime

The purpose of the iconic journeys will always provide its appeal but its own journey and our experience along the way that can turn a holiday into a life-changing adventure.

Whether it's horseback riding over the Andes, sailing with friends around the Turkish coast, heli-skiing in Iceland, riding a motorbike through Siberia, sweeping hoarse in the wild of Finland or following the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, this is an adventure that will give memories to last a lifetime.

The 10 adventures chosen here are for couples and families, single and group, young and not too young. Some are "soft" adventures, while others are more challenging. All will be unforgettable.

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1. Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is so full of life-supporting activities, megawatt natural beauty, and a comfortable communal goodness, you will ask why you are not staying there.

Make visits in the summer and you can spend your days hiking and bike along incredible alpine scenery (wildflower fields, cerulean lakes), fishing in rivers and rivers full of trout, and rock climbing Via Ferrata the legendary (probably for all skill levels).

And when you find your adrenaline sting, you can play at Telluride Golf Course 18 holes that are dwarfed and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.

Alternatively, count a free concert or festival. The Summer Concert series runs from June 21 to August 16, and Telluride hosts over 30 festivals.

Come to winter and you can hit the ski slopes, snowboarding, heli-skiing, ski backcountry - and searches like ice climbing, cycling, and dog sledding.

Telluride is known for being remote (this is a former mining town that is not as easily accessible as other ski resort hot spots), which means you will not wait for the lifts or avoid the left and right people.

Place to Stay:

Madeline Hotel and Residences took the cake.

Located in the heart of Mountain Village, Madeline is a four-star Telluride diamond hotel (it is "refined, stylish with high-class physical attributes" and has a "high level of hospitality," per AAA).

In addition to its own flawless design and staff, Madeline provides ski-in / ski-out services in the winter, features spectacular Sky Terrace complete with outdoor pool, several hot tubs and killer skyline views, and is close to town. free gondola so you can easily access downtown shops, restaurants, festivals, and concerts.

The Best time to go:

Anytime. Telluride is unique because the city is full of activities every season.

But if you want to print an offer, visit between March and April or October and November.

The crowd is a bit rarer and you can find cheaper hotel rates, according to U ... News & World Report.

Expert Trips Tips:

Get a Flatliner, Telluride's typical drink. This is an irresistible potion made from espresso, rum, and Bailey's. Go easy on them.

If you can, book a reservation for dinner at Alpino Vino.

This cozy Italian restaurant curls about 12,000 feet in the mountains (making it the highest altitude restaurant in North America, per

You'll rummage through the face of a mountain on a covered Coach Snow, and enjoy a fifth prix fixe appetizer equipped with a wine list and a crackling fire. Pure happiness.

2. St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Get paid to visit the Caribbean without a passport. Sounds like a scam, does not it? Wrong.

There has never been a better time to visit St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and not just because the islands offer a $ 300 travel voucher to visitors who book their trip before October 1, 2017.

When you stay at a resort on an island like Caneel Bay, you will find yourself wrapped in a tropical paradise.

The island is located within the Virgin Islands National Park where you can enter the voucher for use and hike 3 hours of ecotourism on the sidewalks inside the park, kayaking, and snorkeling, and even get your PADI scuba diving certification.

Place to Stay:

If you go to the Caribbean for not only tropical sensation but also a relaxing holiday, the best option is to stay at Caneel Bay.

Located on "a 170-hectare peninsula amid the beauty of the beautiful Virgin Islands National Park," Caneel Bay is home to seven of the best beaches in the Caribbean and many adventures.

The Best time to go:

Between April and June is a nice place to visit the Virgin Islands. During light weather and there is very little rainfall, according to the U.S. News and World Report.

The peak season is between December and March when the temperatures are perfect and the nighttime breezy, but with that comes the level of the hotel is higher and the beach is full of tourists.

Expert Trips Tips:

Take advantage of Caneel Bay's free access to sailboats, sea kayaks, stand-up landed board, and snorkeling equipment.

3. Park City, UTAH

While Park City is probably best known for its winter activities-such as the Sundance Film Festival or world-class skiing and snowboarding-the summer months offer an incredible range of outside sensations.

Staying in a mountain lodge resort just minutes from downtown Park City, like Montage Deer Valley, is your best bet if you want to do and see as much as possible.

Adventures in the past such as Montage to Moab Expedition will take you to Arches and Moab National Park in southern Utah, where you will climb through the iconic red rock scene in the morning and cool off in a mountain waterfall in the afternoon.

But if hiking is not your style, you can ride a bike through the Deer Valley Alps path and enjoy the stunning scenery, or try your hand with fly-fishing (trust us, it's not as easy as it looks) in Provo. River.

Expert Trips Tips:

While in downtown Park City, be sure to check out High South Distillery - which has ski-in-ski-out access - during the winter, and No-Name Saloon for some excellent bites and liquors throughout the year.

Both are located right on the main road and have Old West charm that keeps people coming back to Park City from time to time.

Place to Stay:

For the ultimate experience of Park City, Montage Deer Valley is the way to go.

Located just minutes from the city center (they offer free car service), this rustic yet rustic resort offers easy access to the best that City City has to offer while connecting you with the coolest mountain biking excursions, true fishing, true skiing. - in / ski-out access, hot air balloon, and more.

The Best time to go:

Park City is a friendly adventure destination 365 days a year. If you are looking for the best deal, read your trip during the summer.

The city tends to be a bit quieter when the ski season is not in full swing.

The rooms are likely to be cheaper and there are plenty of activities if not more-to-do in warm weather.

4. Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Want to go to safari but do not have time or source to get to Africa? Venture to Jackson Hole, WY.

Often compared to the Serengeti, Jackson Hole is home to some of the rarest and most beautiful wildlife - not to mention the scenery - the U.S. which is offered.

When you stay at an inn like Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa or Terra - Jackson Hole Hotel, you will have access to an adventure summer safari (in collaboration with naturalist Kurt Johnson) highlighting the "natural wonders of the Great Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Visits like the Best of the Grand Teton will take you to a number of wildlife sanctuaries and historic sites within Grand Teton National Park, plus lunch at Jackson Lake, while the multi-day Yellowstone Ultimate package explores Yellowstone's upper and lower loops with the opportunity to see grizzly bears and geysers.

Place to Stay:

Rates at the Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa start around $ 389 in the summer months, while the rooms at Hotel Terra - Jackson Hole start around $ 399.

Tours are available at an additional cost.

The Best time to go:

If you book during April, May, September, or October, you will find the best prices and the least number of tourists, according to the U.S. News and World Report.

Predictably low prices come with a bit of unpredictable weather, however, because temperatures during these months can range from low to low 30 to 60s.

Expert Trips Tips:

Book a tour around the Grand Teton Mountains at night to enjoy the wildlife at dusk and enjoy the sights of millions of crystal clear stars.

5. Kakslauttanen, Finland

If the hardest decision you have to make while on vacation is skating over Finnish Lapland that is tethered to a wildebeest or a fleet of huskies, your vacation is a success. Kakslauttanen offers some kickass winter activities.

Take a day trip on the Sampo Ice Breaker (available mid-December to April) while plowing through the frozen Gulf of Bothnia, then wear a dry suit and plunge into the cold waters.

Rather live on land? Ski or snowboard down two down Saariselkä, just 15 minutes drive from Kakslauttanen.

Try your hand for ice fishing. Ride through the snow-covered forests on horseback.

Then for the main attraction, go hunt aurora. You can take a night journey on the sleigh, snow tank, snowmobile, or ski to try and catch a glimpse of the dancing aurora borealis.

Visit in the fall or summer, and you will enjoy activities like gold panning, fishing, canoeing, and mountain biking.

Place to Stay:

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is the perfect playground for snowy sportsmen.

All of the above activities are available through the resort.

You can sit in a glass igloo that opens into the night sky, a cozy igloos Kelo cabin hut that holds a private sauna and fireplace, and leads to an igloo glass container - a traditional wooden hut, a legitimate snow igloo (which surrounds - 3 ° to - 6 °), or a century house.

The Best time to go:

If your purpose is to sneak a peek at the Northern Lights, order anytime between late August and late April.

Note: For about 30 days in June and July, the sun does not set on the horizon at all.

Expert Trips Tips:

Finland is home to 39 national parks, so surround yourself with some amazing things and soothe the soul very easily.

You will practically stumble into it.

6. Cappadocia, Turkey


Leaving some legendary sensations? Hover over the mystical landscape of Cappadocia in a hot air balloon as the sun sets over the horizon.

The valley was punctuated by a bent, swirling stone tower called "fairy chimney."

The layers of volcanic ash, lava, and basalt have been carved for years by earthquakes and erosion.

You can book a standard, deluxe, or private hot air balloon tour, or explore this World Heritage Site on horseback.

Turkey is full of hidden wonders, so if you want to feel like a true explorer, rumble through underground cities and caves.

Place to Stay:

Go the extra mile and book a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Istanbul. Located in the Dolmabahçe district, this hotel is right in the center of Turkey's top restaurants, historic sites, and lively nightlife.

You can enjoy scenic morning views of the glittering Bosphorus Strait, and melt everyday activities at Hamam's Turkish spa.

The Ritz-Carlton can even assist in booking hot air balloon tours. Or, stay in Terra Cave.

This travel-friendly hotel is affordable and even offers a home-cooked breakfast.

There are four original carved cave rooms and two stone rooms.

The Best time to go:

The best flying weather is from April to October when the sky is clearest and the wind is mild, although some companies fly in the winter too, according to Turkey Travel Planner.

Expert Trips Tips:

The advance message as a hot air balloon is a major tourist attraction, and read reviews from many booking companies.

For example, Butterfly Balloons do not fill the bucket up to full capacity so you are free to move (max is usually 16 passengers).

They also choose take-off location dependent conditions and take off around sunrise for the most rewarding experience.

7. Pemba Island, Tanzania


With stunning coral reefs, abundant marine life, and close to mainland Tanzania, a visit to the remote Pemba Island (located just off the coast) is a luxurious holiday destination that meets adventure.

If you stay at The Manta Resort, you can get the best of both worlds by booking safari packages and beach combinations.

You first take an East African safari in Tanzania (you can visit the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and other wildlife reserves) before spending a week on the beach back to the resort on Pemba Island.

Place to Stay:

Manta Resort has everything you want and need (luxury accommodation, scuba diving, and beachside spa) to enjoy your time-and matches some of the sensations on Pemba Island.

Standard rooms with garden views vary between $ 160 - $ 285 per person per night, while seafront villa ranges from $ 23 - $ 425 per person per night.

The Best time to go:

The lightest precipitation occurs between November and December, where there is usually a short shower in the wide expanse of sunlight, according to the resort.

The heaviest rainfall occurred between late April and early June.

Expert Trips Tips:

Staying in the Underwater Room, where you can enjoy 360 ° underwater scenery of reef fish, octopus and other sea creatures rarely seen from the comfort of a luxurious double bed, along with a private landing deck and sunroof, at The Manta Resort. ($ 1,500 per night, including fully.)

8. Shiva, Egypt


Sure, you've heard of snowboarding-but sandboarding? That is something we bet you have never done before.

And Sandboarding the Great Sea Sand in Egypt? Well, that's what we call bucket list adventures.

If you want to go to these unusual slopes - or sand dunes, more precisely - you should visit the remote Shiva Oasis in western Egypt.

But falling into this steep, smooth dune is not the only pleasure you can get in Siwa - there are also amazing Egyptian ancient tombs and temples (like the Oracle Temple) to visit, as well as salt lakes and nature reserves.

Place to Stay:

You will find good value at Siwa Shali Resort, where the price applies as little as $ 30 per night.

The stunning 200-meter pool runs through the resort's restaurant, reception, spa and guest rooms.

The Best time to go:

The best time to visit is between March and April, and from October to November when the weather is milder and the crowds tend to be smaller.

Expert Trips Tips:

Fly to Cairo, and stay at least one or two nights so you can enjoy the iconic wonders of the world like the Giza Pyramids, along with the great Sphinx and the stunning Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, which is the largest collection of antiques in the world.

9. Machu Picchu, Peru


Machu Picchu is the bucket-list trip for because it has a good reason.

And while the towering archaeological site along the Peruvian Andes is a jewel of adventure crowns, the journey there is equally sublime.

Joining a group tour like Peruvian mountain huts is the way to go because you will choose an adventure that suits your sensation search needs.

The Sacred Valley and Lares Adventure are a five or seven-day journey through the ancient Incan sites, uneven paths, and small mountain communities where you can learn how local weavers and potato growers complete their trade.

Salkantay Trek is the most suitable week-long affair for an iron-legged backpacker who wants a wide view of the jeweled lakes and mountains.

Expert Trips Tips:

Make sure you build a mountain foot and work on your cardio.

You do not need to sharpen supersonic prowess-climb the Sherpa mountain, but its height poses a lung-inhibiting challenge to a tight increase, so that star conditioning will help.

Also, bring comfortable, worn-out hiking shoes, solid trekking poles, and reliable hiking equipment. Your feet (and knees) will be grateful.

Place to Stay:

When you book with Peruvian mountain lodge and join Sacred Valley and Lares Adventure, you will stay in a number of luxury (as you expect) parking lots along the Inca Valley and Lares.

Each lodge is filled with its own treasures of unique facilities and talents.

You can relax in the communal hot tub of Lamay Lodge while resident llamas mosey about the courtyard; watch the fog rolls from the Amazon at Huacahuasi Lodge, and enjoy an unexpected indulgence like welcome tea upon arrival and a bottle of hot water tucked at the foot of your bed at night.

The Best time to go:

Mountain Lodges of Peru offers group tours from 1 March to 31 December ranging from $ 2,400 for 5 days / 4 nights and $ 3,100 for 7 days / 6 nights. Peru's dry season spans from May to October, while November to April marks the rainy season (January to April is usually wetted).

The best way to go in the dry season is because many steep roads and track tracks can become unreachable by flooding.

10. BodyHoliday, St. Lucia

Looking for a true smack-dab fitness retreat in the middle of heaven? Check out BodyHoliday, an all-inclusive luxury resort dedicated to your adventure and relaxation needs.

Tropical rainforests lined the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia, this tucked cove is a perfect sight to sweat that's why BodyHoliday has just launched its Adventure Program.

Pigeon Island's rugged terrain battle and old military ruins along the national park, Peak Peak or The Pitons-two volcanoes that jumped 798m above sea level.

If you want to make your feet wet, take the plunge at The Errard Waterfall Abseil.

You will climb through Edmund Rainforest's stomach, then land (rappel) down a 66-foot-high waterfall.

You can also race high-speed yachts, scuba dive, and workout with professional athletes such as NFL Randy Moss receiver.

Place to Stay:

Resort BodyHoliday is a full sanctuary. The rooms have a pillow menu, a glimpse of Caribbean or garden views, and free tea and pastry before bed.

The Best time to go:

If you order between May and June, you will enjoy a more moderate temperature - around the 70s to 80s - according to U.S. News & News US.

Expert Trips Tips:

Take advantage of the award-winning spa. Sports massage is always a great idea.


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