The Best Last-Minute Thanksgiving Travel Tips

The Best Last-Minute Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Whether you're busy at work, you're finishing a nearly-ended contract, you're at the last minute to finish your journey to Thanksgiving.

It's time to prepare everything and start planning your trip.

First, you must decide how you will travel.

Then you must determine when your travel dates are.

In the end, there is a problem, be it packing or preparation.

From modes of transportation to smart packaging to things you can check off the list before you go.

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This quick tip can help you relieve the stressful situation.

So if you panic, take a deep breath and see this last-minute Thanksgiving trip tips.

Be Flexible

Traveling in the last minute, very draining, mind and wallet.

Airplane tickets, trains will surely soar

When the pickings are slim, you have to roll with the punches.

If traveling by plane in the morning has a price two times higher than the night flight, then choose a cheap one.

Your wallet will thank you.

Things to Always Pack

Depending on where you are traveling, your packing list will vary when it comes to wardrobe

cold weather goals require long layers and threads, while warm weather destinations will call for swimwear and flip-flops.

But there are some items you need regardless of the climate.

You can pass your vacation without these things, of course, but the experience will be much smoother if you have it.

Smart tourists always plan the worst and hope for the best (especially when it comes to air travel) because, in the end, travel plans can change at will, and you want to be prepared for whatever situations you might be doing.

1. Adapter / Converter

The adapter is required when you go abroad.

Europe has different voltage and plug shapes, so you need an adapter to use electrical outlets with your electronic equipment.

There are many adapters you can buy that are not large, such as the Kikkerland travel adapter or Smart Travel by Conair.

2. Camera

This one may be obvious, but with the prevalence of the iPhone these days, people tend to forget that you can get a better picture with a real camera - like Canon or Nikon.

You do not have to take big ones if you're worried about weight, but even point-and-shoot shots that fit into your pocket will give you better quality pictures than your phone (if it has more than 12 megapixels).

3. Comfortable shoes

Wherever you go, you will probably walk a lot, so drink the shoes you can wear for hours.

Do not take new pairs that you have not entered yet.

From personal experience, it is a bad idea, and you will end up buying shoes you do not want just because you can no longer take one more step in the death trap that you unwise decide to wear.

4. Emergency Kit

Pack a small bag with some Advil aids, bands, and necessary medicines - whatever you need when you arrive at the destination if the item you're looking for is not easy to reach for purchase.

I would even recommend saving this in your carry-on just in case you are separated from your luggage for a minute.

5. Neck pillow

Not that crazy like an ostrich cushion that will take half of your luggage, but a standard neck pillow that you can clamp onto a carry-on or squeeze into a gap in your bag.

This one may not be necessary for a short flight, but the pillows provided on longer flights tend to be flat without support so a neck pillow will keep you from waking up with natural head bobs that we all know well.

6. Portable Charger

There are certain items every smart traveler will know to pack, and a portable charger is one of them.

This is great for long days, especially if you're in a country where you do not have a service and use Wi-Fi to get around.

The portable charger, or even just an extra USB charger, will be very useful for road trips especially, especially if you use your phone as a GPS.

Wi-Fi and GPS drains the battery quickly and you do not want to get lost in an unfamiliar country, especially if you do not know the language.

Make sure the charger is ready before you get out of the hotel in the morning, otherwise, it's no use.

If your car does not have a USB port, look for a charger that plugs into a 12-volt outlet.

7. Scarf

Large scarves are essential for travel.

They make almost every list that you will find online because of some of their functionality.

Sure you can wear it to keep the neck warm or fashionable, but it can also be opened for use as a blanket on a cold flight, or even a shawl when you do not have a sweater in a cold area.

8. Small Journal

This one is a personal choice because there is now a digital journal you can use, but some of us prefer ancient school practices to manually write down our thoughts.

Whether you are using a digital journal that you have downloaded as an application on your phone or tablet or physical journal you are following, you should definitely keep a record of your travel experience.

If you at this time may feel you will never forget it, the details will fade as soon as you return home, and happy to note them you can look back.

9. Tweezers

This one may sound ludicrous, but you really never know when you'll get the splinters.

Leaning toward a wooden pole, maybe a table outside with broken edges, or even small glass fragments you do not know are there.

When this happens, tweezers are useful good stuff.

Check your Flight Price

Keep checking your flight to see if the price is down.

Depending on your flight policy, you may get a refund or credit for the difference.

The easiest way to save money by plane tickets is by being flexible - flying on certain days and at certain times more affordable, depending on supply and demand.

However, not everyone has the luxury to schedule so loose.

If you can not take the time to work on a short trip, do not despair - there are many other things you can do to save money when buying a ticket anytime.

From choosing airports and some airlines to shop and take advantage of all the travel apps out there.

And How to Save on Airfare?

Here are 12 ways savvy travelers save on airfare:

1. Alternate airport

Flying in and out of one particular airport can be more expensive than if you changed any of your flights with other nearby airports.

If there is more than one airport near you, see what tickets are the cheapest.

Sometimes you'll find great deals by being flexible - departing from one airport and returning to a different plane.

2. Check Flight After Buying

After purchasing a ticket, you usually have 24 hours to cancel or change it.

Obviously, check the airline's specific policies on this subject because each is different, but if the price changes within 24 hours you may still have time to reach into the deal.

3. Clear Cookie Browser

Have you ever refreshed your search while shopping for tickets and realized the price went up? This is usually due to your browser's cookie history.

Companies use these cookies to track your searches and create dynamic pricing, which means your ticket price could potentially increase if you keep searching for the same item.

To avoid becoming a victim of cunning airline tactics, clean your browser cookies every time you do a search.

4. Email Alerts

Sign up for email alerts.

The airlines will send special flights and offers, so if there are several airlines you use often to make sure you add yourself to their email list.

Similarly, keep updating their social media platforms if they give special offers to their followers.

5. Fly Different Airlines

In the same way, that booking flights from different airports can save you money, booking flights from different airlines can also save you money.

Sometimes one-way tickets are cheaper than round-trip tickets, so be sure to check all your options before ordering, even if it means flying with other different airlines on each of your trips.

6. Fly during business hours

Except Sunday night or Monday morning (if you fly to and from the metropolis) working hours to fly really early in the morning or late at night.

Most people do not even want to get up, let alone at the airport, near dawn, so tickets between 5 and 7 am tend to be cheaper than, say, tickets at 11 am or noon.

On the same note, most do not want to arrive at their destination in the middle of the night, so tickets after 8 pm. usually cheaper too.

7. Fly on Off Days

This one will not work for everyone, but if you're lucky enough to have the flexibility to travel every day of the week, find tickets for Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Three days a week is cheaper because fewer people fly during them.

Most people leaving on weekend trips will book flights for Thursday or Friday, return home on Sunday or Monday....

8. Price Matching

Airline policies may differ on this one, but note your ticket price changes after you buy them.

Sometimes the same ticket with the price you bought is down as the trip is approaching, and if you catch it, you may be able to encourage the airline to offer a price match - this is the same ticket.

One airline that tends to match the price when a ticket drops after a purchase is Hawaiian Airlines.

9. Shop Around

Use websites that compare flight rates for you, like Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, and even Google's flight search functionality.

As you browse the internet for the best price (clears your browser's cookies among searches, of course) directly to airline sites to buy tickets.

Sometimes this can give you a cheaper ticket than if you book through a third-party site itself (because of different fees), and you'll also have better coverage on your ticket if plans change.

10. Travel Applications

There are apps out there for every need you may have, and of course, there are many things that try to make travel easier for the consumer.

One such app that happens to be ideal for finding the cheapest flight possible is Hopper.

It tells you which day is the most expensive (and the cheapest) if the price will change between your search time and the date you choose, and it will also allow you to track each trip separately, updating you when the ticket price fluctuates.

11. Compare One-Way Flights

One of the best ways to save a plane ticket is to buy one-way flights on two different operators.

Doing so can sometimes get you a better deal than ordering a round-trip ticket.

12. Do Some Easy Research

Let the internet do the work for you.

Find flights on Trivago, Kayak, Google Flights,, Traveloka, and other travel search engines.

You will have all the possibilities of price and time at your fingertips.

Pack what you need, and not more.

If you really think about it, most of the hassles of traveling include luggage - especially when flying.

You have to make sure to collect everything you need, do some Houdini level magic to get the zipper closed, take your oversize bag to the airport, and then you're so fed up with these balls and chains so you can make sure all the stuff you need. willing to pay someone to release it from your hand and maybe lose it altogether.

Bring? Well, you have to put it in an X-ray machine, maybe have an agent arm tied up with rubber through your stuff, magically cover it all again, maneuver it in a narrow aisle, and squeeze it into a small closet. - just to have it fly out and hit your face on arrival.

You then have to drag the attacker recently to the second airport (or more, if you have a stopover) before finally reaching your accommodation overnight, open your bag, and realize that you basically forget everything you need.

Let us take a little headache (and arm pain, and backache) by helping the first step.

Deciding what to bring and what cannot lead you can save you from having to haul too much stuff, and also make sure you do not forget something important.

Packing twelve pairs of socks for a three-day weekend may be a bit excessive, for example, especially since all the world's socks will not take you on an international flight when you forget your passport. (Just ask my mother, my father, and one of my sisters ... all on a separate journey.)

You might think you're packing, but we've put together some expert tips that can make you rethink how you travel.

The exact details will obviously vary based on the trip, but here are some solid suggestions to get you started.

Skip: Books

Like most people, I enjoy a good book every once in a while and even have my life little changed by some people.

For example, after reading Donald Trump of the Deal artworks a few years ago, I discovered that this was a perfect substitute for the leg of my broken sofa - and I have lived a balanced and far more fulfilling life ever since.

But carrying a big and heavy book on the way today is madness, especially after the discovery of the Kindle.

Sure, there are some minor drawbacks to electronic readers (I never say, "I dropped my book, and it is now broken!" Or "My book battery is dead," because I enjoy life outside the bin), but the extra space and load lighter will be much more valuable.

This applies to guidebooks as well, since most hotels have Internet access. And the staff is knowledgeable. (Remember the human conversation? There's an explosion from the past.)

Skip: Clothes for the 'What If' Scenario

When it comes to packing different clothes, most of us can stand to be a bit more practical.

Sure, your trip to London could include Queen Elizabeth who asks you to dine with her at Buckingham Palace, but chances are not so likely. Instead, pack some versatile stuff.

Dark jeans can be worn with t-shirts in the park or with a buttoned down or nice blouse at dinner.

Polo or right skirt can also be used for almost any occasion from the beach until lunch.

Light or medium jackets can be equipped with an additional layer.

Smart and sensible shoes can be used for various situations.

And believe it or not, almost every country sells clothing in a certain capacity, so you can always buy clothes if an unexpected emergency arises.

Skip: Bottle Shampoo

Bringing a full-length bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and sunscreen is a waste of valuable space and valuable arm strength - but this is something everyone always does.

Even if you check the bag while flying (you have to do to get onboard liquid), still need to invest in some small refill bottles.

Not only are they TSA friendly, but you can limit the amount of shower and sun fluid to just what you need for your trip.

Or, better yet, forget about bringing this product altogether. If you need a large amount, you can almost always buy it at the destination.

If you only need a little, your hotel may be able to provide enough to get you through your stay.

They may not be your favorite brand, but we promise differences in luster and mentality will not spoil your trip.

Skip: Towels

You know most hotels provide towels, do not they? Sure, they may have been used by 1,000 people before you, but the detergent and industrial pressurized water, lava hot water is enough to clean up all the dirt, germs, and possibly the color as well. (Why do you think all the hotel towels are white?) If you really do not believe it, at least pack a microfiber towel light, compact, and fast dry, do not you have to repack the towel that is not dry enough and end up dragging around a lot of water heavy, useless and not drinkable.

Plus, if you are staying with friends or family, they will definitely have towels for you to use. If not, forget them. Life is too short to be associated with a selfish towel weavers.

Skip: Valuables

Here is a practical exercise: Pack normally, and consider how much stuff you want to keep in the safe in your room.

Then throw all the stuff away and leave it at home.

This includes unnecessary electronic equipment such as video recorders (your smartphone should hopefully already have these items), expensive jewelry (especially if you only wear it once), and everything with an abundant sentimental value that may still be valuable by thief without feeling.

So, skip taking your giant laptop to the next flight or the $ 20 million Heart of the Ocean necklace for your next voyage - you'll finally throw it into the ocean.

Download Your Airline Application

Travel apps can be a lifesaver.

Stay ahead of the game and get real-time updates so you're not surprised when Mother Nature has other plans for you.

If your flight is delayed or canceled due to rain or snow, you will know right away.

Then you can race to the ticket booth in front of others.

Remove the perishable food

Check the expiration date on the packaging and package, or make a quick salad using all the fruits and vegetables in your crisper.

The last thing you want to say is something rotting on the counter or in the refrigerator.

Grab the Empty Water Bottle Before You Fly.

Wear your own water bottle to fill in the airport.

There are many fountains, and many airports install special stations to fill water bottles.

Watch Groupon

Groupon is a must, whether you need a hotel or you want to do something new and interesting during a holiday weekend.

Sign up for email alerts or just browse the website for the best deals you can find that weekend.

Secure Your Home

Traveling in the last minute means you tend to forget something.

Do not allow it to be an unlocked door or an attached iron.

Make sure all doors and windows are safe and check back for unnecessary removal.

Stop at the ATM

Take some cash before you leave.

Although credit card companies do their best to make everything does not have the money, it's always worth the few bills on hand for the fare.

Holiday Travel Forecast on Thanksgiving 2017

And you will avoid paying ATM fees if you can not find your bank branch near your destination.

Take the bus

If you do not mind a beautiful route, grab a book or iPad and prepare for some "me" time.

Both Megabus and Greyhound offer rides starting around $ 100 round-trip depending on your destination.

Take it to Social Media

Social media is not only a great place to share your travel stories and success; It's also a great place to discuss the misery of your trip.

Ask questions on Facebook or Twitter to ask others about the deals they've seen or what they do to deal with travel stress.

Try using a colorful background on Facebook or Twitter poll feature to attract people's attention.

Mid-Week Trip to Save Money

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are often considered the cheapest days to fly.

Most people travel on weekends, so there's a chance you can score a better deal in the middle of the week.

You might even be able to avoid the full flight and get some extra space on the plane.


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