7 Places You Must Go in 2018, According to Trips Experts

7 Places You Must Go in 2018, According to Trips Experts

Be prepared to revise your bucket list and pack your bags! The option to travel in 2018 from an affordable cruise to an exotic vacation, and they are all ready with open arms in the new year.


Everyone seems to find this affordable gem in Eastern Europe at the same time: The Lonely Planet recently named Julian Alps one of the top 10 places to visit.

The New York Times features a charming medieval capital in Ljubljana in its 36-hour destination (we also found a stunning tree house there).

National Geographic provided the capital as a Legacy Award, and local chef Ana Ros was crowned World's Best Woman Chef in Pellegrino 'The World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards.'

A small country with a large green image (this is one of the world's most eco-friendly destinations) offers rafting, hiking, boating and cycling in the summer; alpine skiing in winter; and fabulous food and culture throughout the year.

Trips for The Christmas and New Year Holidays in Europe


Portugal welcomes travelers with open arms with a blend of history and pleasant modernity, vibrant cities and white sand beaches, fresh fish and richest pastries.

Portugal offers all the biggest hits in Europe, but at a price that fits the wallet, 'People are very friendly,' he is enthusiastic, 'and you will not go broke while you're here.'

As if that's not enough to make it a 'Must Go' by 2018, it's also family friendly and there are often flights at affordable prices with national national TAP airlines.

Simply walk the beautiful and winding cobbled streets lined with shops, restaurants, fountains, and statues of leaders and poets, you will see signs of Portuguese culture everywhere.

Enter the store under Ginga's injections, signature cherry drinks (drunk on the spot in a small cup of chocolate), or listen to live Fado performances, traditional Portuguese folk music with a singer and two guitarists.

Anantara Vilamoura Hotel, in the southern region of Algarve, marks the arrival of every night with the stunning performance of Fado, which is a bit like a soulful opera.

From Vilamoura, the lush beach and vineyard are just a short drive away to enjoy classic Portuguese flavors.


'Namibia is one of the world's true wilderness, this is one of the most densely populated countries on earth, with unlimited horizons and sand dunes, and an amazing oasis of wildlife as well as ancient cultures.'

This peaceful southwest African nation will be on top of the bucket list by 2018, they predict, with three new safari camps being opened next year from Natural Selection, including Hoanib Valley Camp, the camp will offer a game to see desert-adapted lions , elephant, rhinoceros, and giraffes, cultural experiences with the Himba and Herero people, and unique interactions with giraffe researchers.

Namibia offers excellent value for money because the camp is rewarded with the Namibian dollar, the currency associated with South African Rand, not the US dollar like many of the safari destinations of South Africa, which means you can travel 5-star at 2-star prices.


'Thailand really comes into its own place as an all-around destination,' 'with many new openings in 2018 hotels and resorts in diverse regions of the country.'

The country has a perfect blend of things travelers are looking for these days: stunning food, cooking classes, cultural experiences, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, temples and great sports from golf to scuba diving to kick-boxing lessons.'

Also, do not miss this amazing charity polo elephant tournament in Bangkok.

'Most importantly,' are very friendly people - this is called Land of Smiles for nothing!'

Maremma, Italy

'Maremma is the place to discover the true Italian summer experience,'

the area below the southwestern radar of Tuscany will draw in 2018 for miles of unspoiled coastline bordered by vineyards, farms and beautiful hilltop towns.

The vast beaches - all certified blue flags - have charming restaurants, rustic seaside resorts, while a medieval town filled with fortresses, castles and towers allow you to walk through the history of life.

But you have to go into the countryside to really 'get' the Maremma.

Go up three Strade del Vino e dei Sapori, wine road, to sip SuperTuscan wine, Morellino and Vermentino, and also taste the Maremma through local flavors of olive oil, beef, cheese, and pasta.


The island's gems are farther west and south in the turquoise Caribbean, putting them in an African jet stream and out of danger in the face of storms, an important appointment for 2018 after a devastating Caribbean storm in 2017.

Not only safe and healthy after the chaotic weather season, but fantastic family resorts, beautiful beaches, and adventure activities have flown under the radar, until now, so you can get great deals on holiday vacations.

For 2018, three cultural highlights of this island, including Bridgetown, the capital of UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, will be updated and upgraded thanks to the great cultural gift.

In Bridgetown, explore historic sites, visit pirate taverns, shop for authentic duty and authentic local crafts, and enjoy local delicacies. Then back to shore; You are on a tropical island, after all!


According to travel experts at Audely Travel estimates that in 2018 will be the peak year for the House of Windsor.

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their third royal baby in April 2018, which will undoubtedly create a lively atmosphere in the palace.

For those who are fascinated by the long-standing British monarchy, you may be inspired to visit London to honor birth while learning about the royal family.

Turi Tower of London with Rose Beefeater and admire the Crown Jewels; Celebrate Princess Diana's style at the 'Diana: Her Fashion Story' exhibition at the elegant Kensington Palace; and witnessed a change of guard ceremony before visiting Buckingham Palace.

And a new museum at Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries will open in 2018 at Westminster Abbey.


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