20 Reasons Why You Should Travel

20 Reasons Why You Should Travel

Don't tell me you've ever gone a long way in your life..

If during your life you have never been traveling for a vacation, you are a very loser person.

Because with traveling, you will be very useful for your life.

Or are you often asked, already traveling anywhere? Then you answer what?

So, whatever your answer is, and when you can answer where you are going and what is the reason it is so good.

As for me personally, the most difficult question to answer is the question "Why do you like traveling?"

I honestly confused to answer it. Not because I do not have an answer, but because I have so many reasons why I love to travel. And to determine the exact reason, that's what I am confused in answering.

For that, I summarize in 20 reasons why I love to travel!

1. Since Invited by Friend
Indeed the first time I traveled, the first reason is because invited friends, and it turns out traveling for me addicted!
So this is the first reason why I love traveling. Hooked

2. Let's See the World
Seeing a new world, a new place, new people, new culture, new food, is something really amazing. Our experience both to know our friends, because we've been to New Zealand, Raja Ampat, Canada, Australia, Maldives, and other parts of the world.

Cool is not it ?! Especially if our adventure story can be booked, it is guaranteed to multiply cool!

3. Bored
Bored with school, bored with college, bored with work, the point is tired to do nothing!

4. Seeking Challenges
Feeling challenged to conquer the peak of Mount Columbia in Canada? or surfing in bali diving in the super beautiful Bunaken it?

5. Learn Patience
Traveling can make you more patient.

Starting from learning to wait patiently for airplanes, learning to be patient with hunger, learn to be patient if there is an annoying companion, learn patience in public transportation, learn to be patient when it's tired, the point is it's time to learn to be patient!

6. Learn to Sympathize
Especially sympathy for nature!

Who is not angry when you see people who claim to be nature lovers and true tourists but his actions even make nature damaged by littering?

So guys, please throw the garbage in place or bring special plastic for the garbage when you travel. Do not let our grandchildren tomorrow can not enjoy the beautiful nature - this beautiful because of our own actions!

7. Learn to Know Yourself
By traveling you can find yourself, what do you like, what you do not like. How strong are your feet to walk and walk towards the journey, and maybe where your traveling and life destinations will be.

8. Learn to Work Together
If you feel selfish, do not ever go traveling, let alone traveling in groups!

There will be many unexpected events.

If you can not to cooperate better traveling alone or sleeping at home alone.

9. Learn to Organize Money
The traveler must be smart in managing their money, because if you can not manage money, how can to go to various places and return home to them?

10. ... and Set the Time
Traveling needs your discipline to manage time. When to take leave, want to ride the train or plane at what time, in these attractions until what time, home when, things like that of course you have to think about it right?

Traveling gives us the opportunity to learn languages ​​we have not mastered.

Whether it's a language we've heard before, or maybe even a language we've never heard of in our lives.

We can learn French, Korean, Japanese and so forth.

12. Learn to Make Decisions
Since many roads lead to Rome, the traveler must be clever to determine which way to go?!

13. Independent Learning
Traveling is not a suitable activity if you want to be spoiled. But traveling is an excellent activity to train you to become more independent, because you have to be able to do everything yourself and not rely on others.

14. Learn to Solve Problems
Traveling is not always smooth! In traveling can happen many things like the car you use broke down in the middle of the road, you do not get train tickets, the attractions you go to close, you dying defecation, you hungry, you missed girlfriend. #etc

15. Learn to Take Responsibility
Traveling will foster a sense of responsibility, not a big responsibility first, but at least you will try to be responsible to yourself. For example, if you were touring on a motorcycle, you would be more sensitive to traffic rules. Is not it possible that you just touring and just endangering the lives of others?

16. Learning to Recognize Canada
Who does not fall in love with the beauty of our country?! And he said, the more you travel around Canada, the more you will fall in love with this incredible country! do not believe? Come explore canada?!

17. Learn to Confidence
Interacting with people - new people who are in the attractions of either a fellow traveler, the seller, or the surrounding community, would require high confidence.

Especially if you want to travel to the top of the mountain, confident to be up to the absolute peak you must have.

18. Want to Closer to the Creator
Earth and the whole of course there is a creator right ?! Well, with traveling you can enjoy the beauty - the beauty of nature and everything that God has given you.

Not only enjoy the beauty of nature, traveling can also make you more grateful! Be grateful still healthy, grateful to conquer the mountain peak, and many other things more certainly.

19. Pursuit of ideals
There is my friend who makes traveling to a place as his ideals, when his goal is achieved he felt very happy and will look for new ideals. He once told me that he was not scared to run out of dreams, because he would never run out of places to go.

20. But Whatever Your Reason, At Last You Will Be Aware Of Traveling Always Make You Become A Better Person

Do not believe in these reasons?

Read again the reasons before, and tell me what you think? Below are various qoutes about traveling that will make you more confident if traveling is good for you and for your life.

So, you've found your reason for traveling yet?

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